Thursday, July 31, 2008

News Nibbles: July 31, 2008

Local News:

Science Fiction News:
July 31, 2008
Below are just some of the headlines that have been posted recently. Use the link above to access all the details:
  • io9: Larry Townsend, R.I.P. [Larry Townsend] * Can A Robot, A Superhero And Satan Save The World? [Interlace [Falling Star]
  • Locus Online: Monitor: New in Paperback: July
  • Pantechnicon: New 'zine launches - Geek Planet
  • RevolutionSF: RevolutionSF Newsblast : Red Sonja, Fringe, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Galactica (News)
  • Science Fiction Buzz: Slow Day At Sci Fi * Stargate Atlantis News Update for 31 July 2008
  • SciFi Scanner: John Scalzi - Is The Dark Knight Oscar Ready?
  • SF Signal: Transcriptase - A Home Away From Helix * SF Tidbits for 7/31/08
  • SFScope: David Anthony Durham sells film rights to Acacia * WotC cancelling all non-Magic, non-D&D publishing
  • The Website at the End of the Universe: Water discovered on Mars. Will they find life next?
Selected Blog Updates: July 31, 2008
You can access the blog updates listed below by clicking the link above.

Blogspot, Wordpress, and "other" blogs:
Be sure to check out Michael G. Munz review of the new made-for-DVD Stargate SG-1 movie (Stargate Continuum)
  • a dark catharsys * Ask Nicola (Nicola Griffith) * J Alan Erwine's Blog *
  • Michael G. Munz * The Crotchety Old Fan * "Whatever" (John Scalzi) * Witchy Chicks
MySpace Blogs:
  • Alethea Kontis * Chuck Palahniuk * Cynthia Leitich Smith * Dark Horse Comics *
  • Fantagraphics Books * Jodi Lee * Karina L. Fabian * Kevin J Anderson *
  • Louise Bohmer - Lachesis Publishing * Marianne De Pierres * Michael G. Munz *
  • Morpheus Tales * Yasmine Galenorn\
Science News & Blog Updates: July 31, 2008
Science News
Science Blogs:
  • Bad Astronomy: 1/3 of Brits are gullible? Can’t be. * Mythbustin’ the Moon Hoax: Part III, the video
  • The Daily Galaxy: Electrical Activity -Key Extraterrestrial Life Indicator-Discovered on Saturn's Titan

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