Saturday, July 26, 2008

Portland Alien Museum Expands

The Portland Alien Museum Expands

Thanks to tremendous public interest, the support of our friends in the UFO community, and international media coverage The Portland Alien Museum is now, after four short months, one of the two most famous museums in the world dedicated to the UFO/Alien experience. Our combination of serious research at The Center For Alien Studies, special events and amazing family attractions like the Hollywood Vortex and the Ancient Hybrid has enabled The Portland Alien Museum to present the most interesting and authoritative information about contact with extraterrestrials to the American public. This success, however, has stretched us beyond the capacity of our two- bedroom house in Portland’s Hollywood District. We are currently raising the funds necessary to reopen in a larger space in downtown Portland, and are planning to expand to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. We are also closely examining the opportunities name recognition has created, from t-shirts to a chain of Alien- themed cafes and Hotel/Casino.

As we take this cybermoment for fundraising and strategic planning, I would like to personally thank all of you--- our great supporters, members and visitors. Without your enthusiasm and encouragement UFO and ET studies would still be in the hands of the agencies. Your feedback has shaped the role of The Portland Alien Museum---to bring the facts of ET contact to as many people as possible---and I have every confidence we are close to the truth. If you believe in the mission of The Portland Alien Museum, if you think organizational independence and intellectual integrity is essential to Alien Studies, if you believe the American people have the right to know the full and accurate record of ET contact by the military, if you suspect other UFO groups are infiltrated or compromised, then you’ll understand the historical importance of our appeal. At this crucial moment we are asking all friends of The Portland Alien Museum to join us in our search for sufficient space and proper funding so we can carry our mission deep into the future. If you can help, or know someone who can, please contact us at:

I invite you to check back often as we build out our site. We’ll feature major new position papers in the Center For Alien Studies, UFO news updates, our Museum Forum, and the best selection of UFO merchandise on the internet.

Please write us if you have sightings or experiences, Alien/UFO collections you’d like to loan/ donate to the Museum, or website suggestions.
---Dr. Lawrence Johns, Director

Portland Alien Museum

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