Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Posted on behalf of Open Circle Theater:

Open Circle Theater is pleased to present the return of it's smash-hit monthly spoof of classic TV shows, OCTV. In January we lambaste the SciFi hit Battlestar Galactica, running Friday & Saturday 1/28 & 29 at 10pm. After 40 years of a tense truce with the hostile Cylons, humanity is poised on the brink of real peace. But in one day with a genocidal attack nearly all of the the inhabitants of the Twelve Colonies is annihilated. Only a ragtag band of survivors remains, led by the the last remaining Battlestar, Galactica. They search for the mythical Thirteenth colony - Earth. The loonies over at OCTV have mixed and scrambled this favorite with their usual campy humor and cross-gender casting for an evening of all-out hysteria! Just two days, Friday & Saturday 1/28 & 29 (OCTV runs the last weekend of each month) and remember that on Saturday we spin the Big Dial to see what next months program will be - plus we auction off two blank slots so, who knows... maybe we're doing YOUR choice next. Plus with tickets being PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANNA and Seattle's best theater bar you have the makings for a KICK-ASS NIGHT OF FUN!! 
WHAT: OCTV does Battlestar Galactica WHEN: Fri., Jan. 28. & Sat. Jan. 29 at 10pm (doors open at 9:30) after OCT's mainstage premiere The Cut 

HOW MUCH: PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANNA at the door. To make sure you don't miss out on this hilarious adaptation, please go to and reserve a spot or two or ten! 
You can donate when you check in. 
WHERE: Open Circle Theater - 2222 Second Ave., 2nd floor (between Bell & Blanchard above Belltown Buddah) 
More Info:
On February 18th, Sylvia & Tor will be bringing their cabaret to Open Circle:
Fri Feb 18 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Open Circle Theatre
2222 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA

Monica Wulzen
Co-Company Manager & PR
Open Circle Theater
Cell: 206-406-7920
Tickets: 206-382-4250

Friday, January 21, 2011

NWSFS March MFR @ AFK Tavern in Everett

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:

March 2nd at 7:30 P.M.

Join us at one of Jeanine Swanson’s favorite restaurants, AFK Tavern
1510 41st Street – Everett, WA 98201
425 259 0525

From their web site: “AFK Tavern was made by gamers and geeks for gamers and geeks to game and geek out.  We are a center for the amazing gamer community in Northern Washington, and beyond! Come out and show your colors at our events like Pirate Night, costume contests, release day parties and tournaments of every variety.”

Note: This is a tavern, so attendees must be 21+ years of age.

Please RSVP to or the hotline at 425-68-NWSFS.  Reservations will be confirmed with the restaurant so we will not be able to accept responses later than the evening of Monday, February 28th.

NWSFS February Social: 2/19/2011 - Pseudo Summer Solstice Spaghetti Sauce Off

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:

Saturday - 2/19/2011, NWSFS Social at the Brathouse in Kirkland

February is nearing and that must mean it’s time for the Pseudo Summer Solstice Spaghetti Sauce Off.

Please join your fellow NWSFS members at our February Social on Saturday, February 19, 2011, at the Brathouse at 9431 126th Ave NE in Kirkland.  The social will begin at 6 PM and end at 10 PM. 

The Pseudo Summer Solstice Spaghetti Sauce Off is an annual traditional NWSFS event.  NWSFS provides spaghetti, salad, and soft drinks. Contestants bring various spaghetti sauces for you to sample and then you vote for your favorite.  The contributors of the most popular sauces get small prizes. If you plan to bring a sauce, please bring at least two quarts of sauce, and make some note of ingredients for those of us with food allergies or other restrictions.

If you can, please bring a crock pot to keep your sauce warm, and a ladle. If you cannot bring a crock pot, please call ahead to make arrangements for use of a burner or other equipment in the kitchen. This is still something of a potluck. Please bring a contribution of munchies, side dish, or desert. To support the contest, there is a small fee for the Sauce - Off. The fee is $3 for NWSFS members and $5 for non members. As always, NWSFS members are encouraged to attend, and non-members in the community are welcome. We hope to see you there.

Logistical information:
Smoking areas are outside. The house has cats, which are locked away for the social. The main entrance is up two small steps (ramp available). Parking is on-street, and generally available. The closest bus stop is 1/3 mile away (2 blocks west, 1 block north), at the corner of 124th Ave. NE and NE 97th, and serves the #230 bus (transfer from Seattle at the Bellevue Transit Center). The last bus is at approximately 10:30 P.M.

Take the 85th St. Exit off of I-405 (Kirkland) and travel east on 85th.

Go up the hill. Get into the left lane and after a couple of blocks, turn left onto 126th. It's not marked too well, but the landmark is the Safeway on the right and a Shell station on the left.

Once on 126th, travel down the hill about two blocks. The road ends at a "T" intersection and the house is the last house on your left. It's light green.

NWSFS: Save the dates

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:
NWSFS Socials:
  • February 19th – Pseudo Summer Solstice Spaghetti Sauce Off at Ben & Sadie’s home, 6PM – 10PM
  • March 19th – PK Dick Nominee social at William & Sally’s home
  • April – Norwescon
  • May 21st – Social and Nominations for NWSFS officers at Yvonne & Eric’s home.
  • June 18th – Social and Elections for NWSFS officers at Woodland Park (shelter #4)
  • July 16th – Chili Cook off at Shawn & Kat’s home.
  • Aug 19th – 21st , Road trip to Worldcon in Reno
  • Sept 17th  – Hosting opportunity
  • Oct TBD  – Mad Scientist Social at Mike Ormes’ home. 
  • Nov 19th – Hosting opportunity
  • Dec 17th - Hosting opportunity
My Favorite Restaurant (MFR):
  • February 3rd, 7:30 PM – Snoose Junction, one of Don’s favorite restaurants.  

NWSFS February MFR: Snoose Junction

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:

The next MFR is February 3rd at 7:30 P.M.

Join us at one of Don Glover’s favorite restaurants, Snoose Junction
10406 Holman Rd, Seattle, WA 98133
Please RSVP to or the hotline at 425-68-NWSFS.  
Reservations will be confirmed with the restaurant so we will not be able to accept responses later than the evening of Tuesday, February 1st.

Doctor Who Marathon: Saturday, January 22, 6pm....

Posted on behalf of Michael Citrak - NWSFS Chair:

The invasion Of Time, first broadcast in 1978 featuring Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor, highlights the KBTC marathon set for Saturday, January 22nd beginning at 6pm.  (I can't tell from my notes if it ends at 10pm or 11pm....but you'll figure it out.)
The Emerald City Androgums will staff the phones this evening.
KBTC: Broadcast, Digital and Cable Channels:
Comcast 12, Click! 3, Charter 12, DirectTV 28, Dish 8620, Digital 27 (28.1, 28.2 Tacoma), Digital 19 (15.1, 15.2 Centralia), Digital K41KT (Grays River/Lebam)
Michael Citrak
Northwest Science Fiction Society - Chair

February Steamcon Organizational Meeting

The first meeting for Steamcon III will take place

Feb 13th, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

If you are interested in helping us create this year's Steamcon,

please consider attending.
Everyone is welcome.

If you have questions email us at info AT steamcon DOT org.

2010 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees Announced

The judges of the 2010 Philip K. Dick Award and the Philadelphia SF Society, along with the Philip K. Dick Trust, are pleased to announce seven nominated works that comprise the final ballot for the award:
  • YARN by Jon Armstrong (Night Shade Books)
  • CHILL by Elizabeth Bear (Ballantine Books/Spectra)
  • THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS by Alden Bell (Henry Holt & Co.)
  • SONG OF SCARABAEUS by Sara Creasy (Eos)
  • HARMONY by Project Itoh, translated by Alexander O. Smith (Haikasoru)
  • STATE OF DECAY by James Knapp (Roc)

First prize and any special citations will be announced on Friday, April 22, 2010 at Norwescon 34 at the Doubletree Seattle Airport Hotel, SeaTac, Washington.


The Philip K. Dick Award is presented annually with the support of the Philip K. Dick Trust for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States.  The award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and the Philip K. Dick Trust and the award ceremony is sponsored by the NorthWest Science Fiction Society.  Last year’s winner was BITTER ANGELS by C. L. Anderson (Ballantine Books/Spectra) with a special citation to CYBERABAD DAYS by Ian McDonald (Pyr).  The 2010 judges are William Barton, Andy Duncan (chair), Bruce McAllister, Melinda Snodgrass, and David Walton.

For more information, contact the award administration:
  • David G. Hartwell (914) 769-5545.
  • Gordon Van Gelder (201) 876-2551

For more information about the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society,
  • Contact Gary Feldbaum (215) 665-5752

For more information about the Philip K. Dick Trust:

For more information about Norwescon:
  • Contact Northwest Science Fiction Society: (425) 686-9737

Thursday, January 6, 2011

NWSFS: My Favorite Restaurant

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:

NWSFS members and friends typically get together once a month to dine together and gab at restaurant that someone likes so much that they want to share it with others.    In early February we will be going to one of Don Glover’s favorite restaurants.   Details soon…he’s having a hard time deciding because he has so many favs.  

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you would like to share with your SF&F peeps and geeks?   Contact or the hotline at (425) 68-NWSFS and let us know that you want to host a My Favorite Restaurant event. 


The Seattle-based Northwest Science Fiction Society is one of the largest science fiction groups of its kind in the world. Our members can be found in numerous states plus Canada. Though oriented towards literary forms of science fiction, the interests of our members cover all aspects of the field and we reflect their diversity. Whether you are a reader, dreamer, media fan, professional or just like science fiction in all its forms, there is something for you

NWSFS and Norwescon are part of Science Fiction Northwest (SFN), a non-profit umbrella corporation. The early beginnings of the Northwest Science Fiction Society trace back to the mists of time. Well, to 1976. Greg Bennett with a handful of friends formed NWSFS (pronounced Nizz-Fizz) so that people with an interest in science fiction could meet, have parties, do things together and at the same time provide a pool for the 1981 World Science Fiction Convention Committee. For more information, please visit Don Glover's  <> Norwescon Unofficial History web site for more information. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NWSFS January Social

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:

Saturday - 1/15/2011, NWSFS Social at Rustycon

Please join your fellow NWSFS members for a social at Rustycon   Look for us in one of the designation party rooms. 

Rustycon has a focus on literature, science, art, costumes, and gaming.  After dark, we become what might be called a relax-a-con and many fen (fans) can be found enjoying the various parties and night time events. We would love you to join us as we explore the alternative worlds of the human imagination. – from the Rustycon web site.