Thursday, January 6, 2011

NWSFS: My Favorite Restaurant

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:

NWSFS members and friends typically get together once a month to dine together and gab at restaurant that someone likes so much that they want to share it with others.    In early February we will be going to one of Don Glover’s favorite restaurants.   Details soon…he’s having a hard time deciding because he has so many favs.  

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you would like to share with your SF&F peeps and geeks?   Contact or the hotline at (425) 68-NWSFS and let us know that you want to host a My Favorite Restaurant event. 


The Seattle-based Northwest Science Fiction Society is one of the largest science fiction groups of its kind in the world. Our members can be found in numerous states plus Canada. Though oriented towards literary forms of science fiction, the interests of our members cover all aspects of the field and we reflect their diversity. Whether you are a reader, dreamer, media fan, professional or just like science fiction in all its forms, there is something for you

NWSFS and Norwescon are part of Science Fiction Northwest (SFN), a non-profit umbrella corporation. The early beginnings of the Northwest Science Fiction Society trace back to the mists of time. Well, to 1976. Greg Bennett with a handful of friends formed NWSFS (pronounced Nizz-Fizz) so that people with an interest in science fiction could meet, have parties, do things together and at the same time provide a pool for the 1981 World Science Fiction Convention Committee. For more information, please visit Don Glover's  <> Norwescon Unofficial History web site for more information. 

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