Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News Nibbles: July 30, 2008

Last Day!:
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Science Fiction News Headlines for July 30, 2008:
Below are just some of the headlines that have been posted recently:

  • Apex Book Company: Apex Digest Online #3 now available
  • io9: Coming Of Age In The Aussie Apocalypse [Zombie Love] * A Human/Vampire Buddy Movie, Family Guy-Style [Last Blood]
  • RevolutionSF: Comics Screed : Gaiman, Kubert, Cooke, Kirkman, a Baldwin brother (News)
  • Science Fiction Awards Watch: Booker Long List * Awards from Finncon * Wheeler Sticks His Neck Out,
  • SciFi Scanner: Heath Ledger's Joker Harkens to Cesar Romero * Site of the Week - The Terminator Files
  • SF Signal: REMINDER: Eureka Season 3 Starts Tonight * SF Tidbits for 7/29/08
  • SFScope: SFPA's third annual sf poetry contest * Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards awarded * Second Annual Scribe Award Winners
  • The Website at the End of the Universe: Excerpt gives taste of Arthur C. Clarke's last book

Selected Blog Updates for July 30, 2008:

Here are the lastest blog updates

Blogspot, Wordpress, and "other" blogs:
  • a dark catharsys (Heather S. Ingemar) * Ask Nicola (Nicola Griffith) *
  • Robert J Sawyer * The Crotchety Old Fan * Witchy Chicks
MySpace Blogs:
  • Alethea Kontis * bevhale * Chuck Palahniuk * Cynthia Leitich Smith * Di Francis *
  • Erica Spindler * Horror Library Blog-O-Rama * Planet Stories * Sherrilyn Kenyon * Tor Books

Science News & Blog Updates for July 30, 2008:
Science News
Science Blogs:
  • Bad Astronomy: Comic Con: My panel on science and scifi * Shakin’ up astrological nonsense
  • The Daily Galaxy: Galaxy Fans: We're Looking for Private Investors * Intelligent Robots will Explore Milky Way by 2020

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