Sunday, April 27, 2008

News Nibbles: April 27, 2008

News Nibbles is a new section I'm starting that will be primarily for special notices that have been sent in from authors & artists to either the MySpace profile, or to the nwsfsnews at gmail dot com address. I'll also post news regarding the ongoing changes to the NWSFS MySpace blog, and any other special news regarding the NWSFS blogs.

To start things off, here are a two items that were recently sent in:

Former Portland, OR. resident Ann B. Keller sent in this news release for her new book - "BRIGGEN is the first book out in this exciting science fiction/fantasy trilogy published by TRIAD Publishing Group. Already, Briggen has garnered quite a following and is currently being converted into a screenplay for a feature motion picture. Order your copy today!"

C. L. Freire recently posted two entries to her MySpace blog about her latest book that is also from Triad Publishing Group. Since she's mirrored both blogs to her Blogspot blog I'll list those links instead. In "THE ILLUSTRATOR, THE AUTHOR, AND THE INFINITE OMGs" Cindy posts about the illustrator for her new book, and it appears she is quite happy about the news and in an earlier blog entitled "I’VE GOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT! NO REALLY! IT’S BIG! HUGE! GINORMOUS!" Cindy announces the opening date of pre-orders for her new book

Take a moment and have a look at Cindy's two blogs, and visit both her and Ann's profiles on MySpace. Thanks Cindy and Ann for sending in the news.

OK, so what is going on with the changes to the NWSFS MySpace blog. For starters I am refocusing the blog so that content is relevant to the readers and fans in the Pacific Northwest and Cascadia regions (WA, OR, ID, BC) I decided to do this for two reasons. First off, most of the feedback I have received has been from readers from the local area, and they have stated they would like to see more local or regional news. Secondly, as the membership to the NWSFS Friends Space on MySpace has increased, it has become more and more difficult to sort out all the news from the flood of bulletins that are being posted. This sorting takes a lot of time away from working on the blog, and time is not something I have a lot of.

Now this does not mean I am going to abandon those writers and artists who I have posted for in the past. What it does mean for those writers and artists is that I will need their help in getting the news out for them, and that help will be in the form of sending in news to either the profile or GMail address. Please remember though, the news must be relevant to NW/Cascadia fandom and readers.

Well, that's it for now. Please feel free to comment. Cheers! ~ Jim Cox

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