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NWSFS Powell-Trek Saturday May 3, 2008

Northwest Science Fiction Society Powell-Trek Saturday May 3, 2008

Hey folks, it's time to visit our all-time favorite bookstore in Portland, OR. Please join us Saturday, May 3th and we'll carpool down to Portland! Since it is a fairly long drive, we'll meet first at the Citrak's house near Olympia around 9:30 a.m. where we'll divide into carpool for the trek down. We'll stop mid-way for lunch and arrive at Powell's in the early afternoon. Then we'll all shop until we drop or until 5:00 p.m. (whichever comes first), have dinner and begin the trek back to Olympia.

Many of you have already indicated that you want to go (Yay!) and some of you have also offered to drive (Bless you!) but if you HAVE NOT let us know you plan on coming, please do so by May 1st- this will ensure we have a spot for you in the caravan if you would prefer not to drive. Please RSVP to , or this email or the NWSFS Hotline 360-438-0871, so we don't leave anyone behind.
Directions to Michael & Becky Citrak's home:

From I-5
• If Southbound Take Exit 111 and turn left at light.
• If Northbound Take Exit 111 (new ramp "Y"s, take the right "Y", round the roundabout to Quinault. At the light (in
between Chevron and Texaco) take a right.
• You'll be on Marvin road.
• Travel past Hawk's Prairie Mall, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, etc.
• Cross Martin Way (old Hwy 99) and go past Mega Foods.
• Once past Mega foods, the next traffic light is 3rd Ave SE.
• Turn Right on 3rd Ave SE.
• Travel on 3rd for about four or five blocks until you come to a stop sign.
• This will be a "T" intersection and you will turn left.
• You will be on Choker St SE.
• Travel on Choker for about two blocks until you come to a stop sign.
• This will be Bobcat Dr SE.
• Turn right.
• Bobcat will be a short street and will curve to right.
• House is the last house on the left just before stop sign.
• House is in the Tanglewilde housing area. It is a one story, two car garage Rambler style. It is light pink with electric
plum trim with some brick work in front and a basketball pole on the side of driveway.

Michael & Becky Citrak's

7701 Bobcat Dr SE
Olympia WA 98503

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