Friday, April 4, 2008

Other News & Bulletins: April 04, 2008

Max It Magazine - Short Stories
"With the release of Max It Magazine into the Portland Metro Area we are allowing local writers to submit short stories for publishing. Though it is currently only for writing credit, it is a great avenue to showcase your work. If you are interested in submitting a piece, please feel free to contact Max It Magazine at:

Please submit your work in a Word, or text document. No double spacing, or double returns. Only tab for new paragraphs ~ Scott C. Brown / Max It Magazine"

Graveside Tales - SIDESHOW PI
"An online serialized novel cowritten by Nathaniel Lambert and Kevin Sweeney with artwork by Stephen Blundell. A FREE pulp/Noir/slipstream/bizarro/splattercyberpunk and just downright weird story written catering to a crowd that may have eaten just a little too much lead based paint growing up. The authors are a 100% convinced their parents had no surviving offspring:"

Michael G. Munz - Another review of "A Shadow in the Flames"
"With realistic advancements in technology and the insight into man’s never-ending greed and corruption, Michael G. Munz makes this an entertaining and plausible work of speculative fiction."

You can read the full review here:

Tor Books - New Podcast: A Chat with David Lubar and John Scalzi
FYI, new podcast posted today: "A Chat with David Lubar and John Scalzi":

Harry Shannon - Visit and poke around
Poke around at:

Jeremy C. Shipp, Dark Fiction Writer - New website?
Take a vacation at:

Clarkesworld Magazine / Wyrm Publishing - The April issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available
"The April issue of Clarkesworld Magazine features stories by Jeffrey Ford and Jeremiah Sturgill, an interview with K.J. Bishop and commentary by Tim Pratt. This month's cover art is "Flying Fish" by Matts Minnhagen:"

Dark Horse Comics - Chapter 7: Shaman Warrior eComic has been posted!
Click here to check it out!

Myspace Dark Horse Presents #9!
"The newest installment of MySpace Dark Horse Presents has been posted, featuring all new stories by John Arcudi and Guy Davis, Steve Niles, David Malki and more!!! Just click here to check it out!"

Umbrella Academy Creator Gerard Way Signing!
"Tuesday, April 8th - in conjunction with Portland Comic Month - Things From Another World will host a signing featuring Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way! The signing starts at 4:00pm and will go until 6:00pm at Things From Another World, 4133 Ne Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR. Click here for more details on the Things From Another World location."

"The latest installment of Plague " Chapter 12a: Awakening" is posted at:"

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