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Other News: Oct. 09, 2007

Karina L. Fabian's Fab Chat - Thursday, October 11: Meet Dindy Robinson:
Fab Chat is a weekly live chat for writers and readers of all interests, and persuasions and takes place every Thrus from 9-11 PM EST, so go to http://www.fabianspace.com and click on FabChat. Come learn more about authors: how and why they write, what it takes to publish and their many wonderful works of imagination. Come chat with Dindy Robinson, owner and editor of Swimming Kangaroo Press. www.swimmingkangaroo.com

Fantasy Scribbler (aka Robert Marston Fanney) - Press release from Brandon Mull:
A fellow author by the name of Brandon Mull recently published an excellent fantasy series by the name of Fablehaven. If you haven't taken a peek, perhaps you should -- it's very good. ~ Rob

(Below is a trimmed down version of the press release about Brandon Mull that Rob included with his bulletin ~ Jim)
This week the Hollywood Reporter announced that New Regency optioned the film rights to Brandon Mull's latest book THE CANDY SHOP WAR, a new young adult fantasy that has already garnered national acclaim. For a listing of Mull's nationwide appearances visit www.fablehaven.com. Visit Brandon's MySpace profile at: www.myspace.com/fablehaven

Geralyn Beauchamp - TIME MASTERS is now available for Pre-order!:
Now available for pre-order at: http://coldtreepress.com/catalog/book/197/ Check it out!

Darkened Horizons Issue 2 on sale now at: www.lulu.com/darkenedhorizons This news brought to you by: http://www.geocities.com/thirteenhumansouls/

Plague - Plague - latest update!:
The second part of chapter 6 is posted at: http://www.plague.gravesidetales.com

Alethea Kontis - Lining Up for My Plague Shot
If you like to sleep at night, stay away from this book! Jeff Carlson's pulse-pounding debut novel, Plague Year, has turned the world of sci-fi thrillers completely upside down. The undaunted and unafraid Genre Chick Alethea Kontis dons her hazmat gear and gets extreme with the Bionic Man. Read the interview here!

Check Kevin's blog for more details.

Jen (Greybon) - New Hodgepodge Post: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher:
Howdy folks, hope you are doing great. FYI, new Hodgepodge post: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher Have a great night! ~Jen (Greybon)

www.sonechki.com | Hodgepodge | Sonechki Corner's | www.myspace.com/bunkville | On Facebook

Seattle Zombie Walk - Any Zombies want to be on TV this thurs. Oct 11th?:
It’s getting close to this year’s Zombie Walk and even closer to the date on which Zombies will take the opportunity to make a Public Service Announcement with Northwest Afternoon (KOMO 4) in costume at the station to be aired as a commercial. I have received a surprising amount of interest about this, but I’m afraid we still might be a few people short of our quota. Zombie Walk is required a minimum 15 people for Northwest Afternoon’s live studio audience in exchange for advertising time.

Details can be found at this NWSFS LJ posting and other links: http://community.livejournal.com/nwsfs/30589.html | http://cleozombie.livejournal.com | http://community.livejournal.com/zombiewalk | http://www.myspace.com/seattlezombiewalk | http://groups.myspace.com/zombiewalk

Cimmerian City - 2 days until the release of Cimmerian City!!:
Chat with me at Romance At Heart in the Lavender Isis Chat Room. There will be giveaways, goodies and the grab (contest that is!). So mark your calendars and bookmark the Chat Site for Wednesday October, 10 2007!!!!

New Spec Fic Site for Authors and Readers - Reposting for Clare Dargin. Speculative authors and readers check out her site!
I have a new web site for authors of Science Fiction and Fantasy (and all of the subgenres). On it you can post covers of your books, short blurbs, if you are a fan post a link to your web site and much more. Drop by and take a look! www.thescifihaven.bravehost.com ~ Clare

Are We Alone? - Hand Me Microbe (and Slippers) - new episode available:
Listen to this episode at: http://radio.seti.org

You can try to get far from the madding crowd. But it's a futile exercise. Wherever you go, you're a traveling trillion-ring circus of bacteria. In fact, you have more microbes on you and in you than you do human cells (and bathing won't help.) So come meet your closest neighbors, as scientists launch the mapping of the human microbiome.

Also, hearty microbes that thrive in extreme environments beyond your body... how the discovery of novel bacteria - archaea - has added a branch to the tree of life... and whoops - dropped that yummy cheese doodle on the floor? Find out why it's best left for the broom: new research that challenges the 5-second rule.

George Weinstock - microbiologist and co-director of the Human Genome Sequencing Center in Houston, Texas
Tim Friend - science journalist and author of The Third Domain: The Untold Story of Archaea and the Future of Biotechnology
John Moreau - geomicrobiologist with the US Geological Survey
Paul Dawson - microbiologist at Clemson University

Jeremy C. Shipp, Fiction Writer - A new review of Vacation:
Here is the review from Keith Dugger's blog.

Word Weavers - Features: Lexi Miller, Dave Rex, Troy Barnes:
Hey all! Time for the new Week Long Features here at Word Weavers! That's right! We're changing our format from four days to a full seven-day week! Why? Because we love our authors and that love demands more time in the spotlight! Click the link below to check out these three great authors!

Week Long Featured Author ~ Lexi Miller, Exclusive Writing Excerpt ~ Dave Rex, Spotlight Trading Card ~ Troy Barnes

Head on over to the Word Weavers MySpace Page to see these features and more!

Get the lead out!:
Don't forget about our upcoming deadlines for anthologies! Submissions can be made at wwanthologysubmissions@gmail.com. Check out our website or blogs for the deadlines and guidelines. Miss something? That's okay, we'll be doing it all again next year because we're gluttons for punishment like that.

Word Weavers Anthologies | http://www.freewebs.com/weaversofwords | http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaversofWords/

Fantasy Author - Hubert L. Mullins
- Website updates:
Hey guys, I made a few changes to the website, mainly just an inclusion of the new banner. Be sure to check it out and bookmark it! I'm getting ready to post my schedule for the next couple of months . . .I have a lot of exciting engagements but I'm waiting to make sure they are set in stone before I post them. Thanks a bunch for the support! ~ Hubert


Tom Tancin - Man in the Moon Event #1 Pictures:
Tom has recently added some pictures to his profile from the Collingswood, NJ annual book festival , so go take a look. Hopefully he'll post about it in his blog.

Bailey - UPDATES for DRP Authors / Submitters:
We have selected our first three pieces to appear in Issue 9 of Dark Recesses Press, slated for release January, 2008. This leaves 3-4 spots open for the print edition. All of these spots will be filled by the end of October and then reading will continue for the July, 2008 issue and the PDF issues.

The PDF edition, scheduled for release February, 2008 is still wide open with 4-5 spots available. Remember to state in your submissions e-mail if you wish to be considered for the Print edition only, otherwise you will be be under consideration for both venues.

The entry deadline for the 'Deja Vu Horror Contest - Theme Lycanthrope' is fast approaching. You have until October 31st, 2007 to get your enrty in. Full details on the contest can be found under the Contest link at: www.darkrecesses.com. That's all for now, keep on writing ~ Bailey Hunter

If - E - Zine™ - Edgar Allen Poe Extravaganza!:
Have a happy, fun and safe holiday. And remember, please, to stop by TheLordShen.com to check out Issue Number 9 of If - E - Zine(tm): The Free Online Magazine of Thrilling Speculative Fiction! Issue 9, the Special Halloween Edition was published Monday October 1st. It's absolutely FREE and includes not only three free Halloween-themed short stories but a game with rules to make and battle your own kaiju (giant monster like King Kong or Godzilla). Enjoy the season!

The Pyromantics - HALLOWEEN NEWS!
It's that time of year again when the air gets colder, the nights longer and the imagination darker....Samhain approaches, the eve where the veil between two worlds is at it's thinnest and the dead can cross over into our world. Whether you call it pagan magic, spiritualism or simply multi-dimensional theory it's a night of ritual and celebration - continued on the The Pyromantics profile.

And check out 'New Satan' by Eric Shawn Baker...First Entry to PHT 2007 in the The Pyromantics: blog

HauntedNight.com - HauntedNight.com - New Look, New Functionality!
If you haven't been out to HauntedNight.com lately, now's the time. HauntedNight.com has been totally redesigned from the ground up and now includes new functionality as well. Not only can you learn about all the haunted attractions in the Pacific Northwest this season, but you can also register your profile, make connections with friends and post messages as well! Stop by and take a look! http://www.hauntednight.com

StoneGarden Publishing - Not so secret MySpace sale on StoneGarden.net!:
It's a secret MySpace sale on StoneGarden.net! Don't be shy, spread the word and get 40% off your next purchase at http://www.stonegarden.net. Just use the coupon code "myspace" (without the quotes) at checkout. Remember, for every sale on the site, $1 goes towards inner city baseball programs here in the Bay Area. The sale will continue until the 19th of October

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