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Bulletins & Other News: Oct. 11, 2007

Louise Bohmer -- EIC Lachesis / LBF Blog - Michelle Marquis' Incubus Nights Now Available:
I edited this one for Michelle, and let me tell you, folks, it is one hot HOT HOT read! :D Congrats on your release, Michelle, hon! Louise xox
----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Michelle Marquis
Date: Oct 11, 2007 6:56 PM

Hello my friends!
Just a note to let you know my erotic fantasy book, Incubus Nights is out now from Whiskey Creek Torrid!

Stop by and pick up your copy today. Also...Hungry Planet is in the WCP top 10 BESTSELLERS for the third month in a row! Check out this sizzling sci fi erotic!
Michelle Marquis

Lucy-S - Installing Linux on a Dead Badger shipping soon:
Installing Linux On A Dead Badger

Hi everyone,

My new book Installing Linux on a Dead Badger is shipping next week or the week after, and it's being carried at (in the U.S.) and Chapters (in Canada) and also in a couple of the non-US Amazons ... the full list of places to purchase is on my website along with links to sample stories. However, if you live in the U.S., the best deal is still to preorder directly from the publisher.

Thanks to all who've already ordered, and happy reading!


Dark Horse Comics - Making of a Comic: Living With the Dead:
Two survivors of a global catastrophe disguise themselves as corpses to survive in a land of the walking dead.

From the mind of Mike Richardson (The Mask; The Secret) comes this hilariously frightening tale of Straw and Whip, two slackers who have lived through a plague that's left the world with seven billion brain-hungry zombies. Life is tough as they try to keep up the appearance of being like the rest of the decomposing masses, and things heat up when a damsel in distress needs their help. Will they blow their cover for a beautiful young girl, or sacrifice her in the name of rock and roll?

* Be sure to catch this three-issue series with art by Ben Stenbeck, and covers by legendary Richard Corben, making zombies fun again.

Two boys, a girl, and seven billion living dead. Check out the Making of a Comic here:

Epic Universe - Surprise! Outlaw Trigger released early!:
"Sometimes, God has other plans." Those were the official words from Lee Stephen regarding the surprise release of Outlaw Trigger this past weekend. Stone Aside Publishing was stunned to see the second book in the Epic series 'in stock and available' from retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. "We set the street date for December 1st. For whatever reason, it was ignored by the retailers and released preemptively. What can we do?"

Stephen went on to explain how the surprise release could be a blessing in disguise. Rather than go into defense mode, he has chosen to embrace it. "You can come up with elaborate plans and ideas, and the best marketing schemes, but sometimes [God's] got something else up His sleeve. There was no reason for the book to be released prior to the street date, but if that's the way God wants to do it, who are we to argue? We're going to look at it as a reason to celebrate early."

So what does this mean for the fans? It means there's no reason to wait any longer to pick up a copy of Outlaw Trigger! After a recent sales rush that pushed Dawn of Destiny to #2 on Amazon's top-100 list for general science fiction series literature, the early release has already given Outlaw Trigger a respectable sales rank. Order your copy today!

Jenn Nixon - New Layout-Book Cover preview!:
Hey everyone, I slaved away last night revamping my myspace layout. Please check it out and get a sneak peek at Tiva's book cover!
Tell me what you think! ~ Jenn Nixon

Jen (Greybon) - Pushing Daisies: Quirky, Charming, and a Lot of Fun:
Howdy folks, hope you are doing great. FYI, new Hodgepodge post: Pushing Daisies: Quirky, Charming, and a Lot of Fun
Have a happy day! ~ Jen (Greybon) | Hodgepodge | Sonechki Corner's | | On Facebook

Kealan Patrick Burke - Win a Copy of MIDLISTERS!:
Want to win a free copy of MIDLISTERS? -- the book that has, in the short time since its release, garnered such acclaim as:

"...will hold you under its spell until the final pages." -- Horror-World

"...while Burke admirably ratchets up the horror a few requisite notches at points, it's his reflections on the true horrors of life--the fragility of love, failed expectations, death--that transcend the genre and make Midlisters something special." -- Vince Liaguno at Unspeakable Horror

"[Burke is] possibly the best of the best of the new generation of horror writers. Read Midlisters and you'll agree." Nick Cato at The Horror Fiction Review

"A thoughtful, creative, and colorfully entertaining way to explore the inescapable duality of being a fiction writer, Midlisters is a truly refreshing read." -- Adrienne Jones at

"I really, really hate reading books that I wish I'd written...Midlisters is one of those books." -- James A. Moore at Bloodletting Books

"Put away your misconceptions about author protagonists, this time it was done right--none of the frilly romantic notions of writing and all of the anxiety." -- Kelli Dunlap at Horror-Web

"...flays the writer's personality and lays it open, not just honest with personal dictions in the tradition of Stephen King, but baring the nasty parasitic insecurities entwined with egotism." -- Michele Lee at Road to Print

"Midlisters will be appreciated by all who write, and by those many readers who enjoy a terrific yarn, one that ends with a wicked and thought-provoking plot twist." -- Josephine Damian at Blogspot

"Jack Ketchum provides the introduction to this novella, and that's a telling name. It says that we're getting raw and rather unpleasant humans, and putting them in the same room with sharp things and bad feelings." -- Rick Kleffel at The Agony Column

"Burke paints the life of a horror writer vividly, bringing you into Jason's world with all of its twists and turns. His attention to detail and atmosphere, and his development of Jason Tennant as a character, makes this a fantastic read." -- Monster Librarian

To win a copy, simply send a picture of yourself advertizing my website: and I'll put it on my MySpace page. I'll choose a winner at random from the entries and send the lucky soul a signed copy of MIDLISTERS.

You can take pictures via webcam, phone, digital camera, or whatever works, but please make the resolution as clear as possible and make it a decent size. If I need a microscope to see it, it probably won't work...

Email your entries to me either via MySpace mail, or

Thanks, and good luck! ~ Kealan

Minnette - Website w/Great Writer Resources - Needs More:
Good morning, all! I have a brand spanking new website that launched last night: which has a great pulldown list of resources for writers, including reference sites, how to's, agents, publishers, synopsis, etc. These are sites I have used over the last several years for my own writing that I thought might help others. If you know of a good reference that is not on the list, please let me know and I can add it.

Also included in the website is an "Authors Page" which has some of my favorite authors' website links including Piers Anthony, Spider Robinson, Terry Pratchett, Robert Heinlein, Douglas Adams, Mary Stewart and many, many more. I've love to expand this list as well, so please send me your links and I'll add them. Any comments on the site would be appreciated! Have a great day!

Plague - Plague 6c is Posted:
The third part of chapter 6 is posted at:

A shuffling sound caused Wellan to spin around. Behind him staggered five corpses, with more stumbling between the booths. They were dressed in an assorted array of merchant attire, men and women who woke up thinking that they were going to have another day of business as usual. The white pallor of their skin and blank look in their eyes spoke differently.

Surprised, Wellan stepped back. The corpses advanced.

Thanks again for reading!
Brought to you by Graveside Tales at

Fantasy Scribbler (aka Robert Marston Fanney) - Eragon Group Deleted:
Dear Friends,

An Eragon interest group I moderated has been deleted suddenly and without warning. If you were a member of the Eragon group I did not delete it! The group composed over 6,000 members and was one of the most active author/series groups on myspace.

Also recently deleted were the NINTEDO and Star Wars groups each composing over 40,000 members. As many of you well know, our own Luthiel's Fantasy Group was deleted August 30th of this year. At the time, it was the largest fantasy interest group on myspace with over 43,000 members.

Given these recent events I'm asking those of you who have facebook accounts to contact me there in the event of further deletions. I will not restart an Eragon group here but I will on fb. Please also join Luthiel's Fantasy Group on fb as a backup in the event the current one is deleted.

The url for the current LFG on fb is

My account name is Robert Fanney. But you can find me either through the group as an admin or by searching my name or Luthiel's Song. It's very sad things have come to this. Best wishes to all and keep those Wyrd Stones bright! ~ Rob

Tor Books - New Podcast: Patrick's Kaffeeklatsch, Part 2:
FYI, new podcast posted today: "Patrick's Kaffeeklatsch, Part 2":

Add this profile please: Tor Books:
Yep, I'm still trying to beef up that friend count a bit. Haven't yet caught up to where it was with the old account before that one disappeared. I posted this in my other account - Jen (Greybon). Figured I'd post it here too...more as an fyi to please repost. Thanks! ~Tor Books | | | Facebook Group

Send us a story with a Halloween theme and make it between 1,000- 4,000 words- let your imagination sink to never before reached levels of the macabre. Give us a story to tell around a campfire, to read with a torch under the covers, to make us sleep with the lights on...

Get this story to us by the deadline of 31st October and we will post them all up and a winner will be chosen. A prize will ofcourse be awarded (we like to treat you...) and the winning story will be crowned Pyromantics Halloween Tale of 2007! Any questions just message us here :) Cat

Jeremy C. Shipp, Fiction Writer - Want to win a free autographed copy of my novel?:
I thought I’d let you know about a contest I started, where I’ll be giving away 5 free autographed copies of my debut novel, Vacation. To enter the contest all you need to do is help spread the word about Vacation at some point during the month of October. You can write a bulletin, a blog entry, a TV jingle, a song, a review. You can interview me. You can create a statue of the novel and donate it to your local nunnery. You can mention the book to a creepy-looking guy in a trench coat while you're standing in an elevator. You can even tell some trout spirits about Vacation during astral projection. What have you. Feel free to check out my blog for details. Happy times ~ Jeremy :)

A new review of Vacation: Here is the review from Keith Dugger's blog.

Unspeakable Magazine is (Necroscopic Unlimited) - Fear Fest 2:
Unspeakable Magazine will be promoting Texas Fear Fest 2 until we die from exhaustion. We want to personally make sure EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU know about this!!

Darea - An introduction:
I thought I would post this brief introduction by Johanna (aka Darea) in hopes that one of the readers of this blog might help her in finding a publisher who would be interested in the novel she is translating:

"I don't write sci-fi, although I do write stories. At the moment I am translating a French sci-fi novel by Pierre Bordage into English, and one of the main reasons joined the NWSFS Friends Space was in the hope that I would find a publisher who would be interested in this novel."

Drop her a line if you can help

Geralyn Beauchamp - TIME MASTERS is now available for Pre-order!:
Now available for pre-order at: Check it out!

Darkened Horizons Issue 2 on sale now at: This news brought to you by:

Are We Alone? - Hand Me Microbe (and Slippers) - new episode available:
Listen to this episode at:

You can try to get far from the madding crowd. But it's a futile exercise. Wherever you go, you're a traveling trillion-ring circus of bacteria. In fact, you have more microbes on you and in you than you do human cells (and bathing won't help.) So come meet your closest neighbors, as scientists launch the mapping of the human microbiome.

Also, hearty microbes that thrive in extreme environments beyond your body... how the discovery of novel bacteria - archaea - has added a branch to the tree of life... and whoops - dropped that yummy cheese doodle on the floor? Find out why it's best left for the broom: new research that challenges the 5-second rule.

George Weinstock - microbiologist and co-director of the Human Genome Sequencing Center in Houston, Texas
Tim Friend - science journalist and author of The Third Domain: The Untold Story of Archaea and the Future of Biotechnology
John Moreau - geomicrobiologist with the US Geological Survey
Paul Dawson - microbiologist at Clemson University

Jeremy C. Shipp, Fiction Writer -
StoneGarden Publishing - Not so secret MySpace sale on!:
It's a secret MySpace sale on! Don't be shy, spread the word and get 40% off your next purchase at Just use the coupon code "myspace" (without the quotes) at checkout. Remember, for every sale on the site, $1 goes towards inner city baseball programs here in the Bay Area. The sale will continue until the 19th of October

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