Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bulletins & Other News: Oct. 25, 2007

Lincoln Crisler, Author - Join Author and Editor Lincoln Crisler for an Author's Tea!
Wednesday, November 7th @ 8PM EST Hosted by Virginia Jennings:

New Crisler Fiction in the Next BEWILDERING STORIES!
Issue #265, slated for publication on or around October 29th, will feature a new story, Farewell Engagement!:

Jennifer L. Miller - Fantasy-Horror-Sci-fi Author - Attention Authors!! Check this out!!
"If you are interested in promoting on the west coast next year...follow the link below. (Be sure to check out the authors guidelines section and see if you qualify). Also contact the contacts on the website. I don't know anything about it other than what I read there. I got the information from an email I recieved about it. ~ Jenna"

Jeremy C. Shipp, Fiction Writer - My new short story published (free to read online)
"My short story "Nightmare Man" has been published in Hub Magazine"

Plague - Lithor's Artifact:
The first part of chapter 8 of Plague is posted at:
Brought to you by Graveside Tales at

Tor Books - New Podcast: Upcoming from Tor, Part 2:
New podcast posted today entitled "Upcoming from Tor, Part 2"

10/16 Releases from Tor Books:
Check out this Tor Books blog entry for more details! | | | Facebook Group

Go to the Pyromantics profile for more details:

Unspeakable Magazine is (Necroscopic Unlimited) - UMAG reviews: The Blood Shed:
You can read the film review here:

Michael Laimo - Horror Author - DEAD SOULS NEW REVIEW:
You can find the review here:

News worth reposting:
Jordan M. Bobe - The Retreat:
The Retreat Coming 12/17/07 to all Major bookstores and or available now directly from the publisher:
For more information, go to the "The Retreat" FAQ.

Are We Alone? - Ctrl-S Episode Now Available:
Check out this blog entry "Ctrl-S - new episode!" for more details and be sure to listen to the episode at Guests for this week's show are:
• Cary Fowler - Executive Director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust
• Stuart Parkin - Physicist at IBM's Almaden Research Center
• David Harrison - Director of Research for the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages and author of When Languages Die: The Extinction of the World's Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge
• William LeFurgy - Digital Initiative Project, Library of Congress

Jodi Lee - Small Press Book Club:
The Small Press Promotions group, Small Press Book Club, has re-opened for business. As of mid-October, Small Press Promotions was opened to the general public, so if you're interested in a book club featuring the small press publishers, please stop by:

Anthony P. Gioseffi - Mainframe:
"Novelist Anthony P. Gioseffi realses his sci-fi novel, Mainframe -- Computer Wizards go on a quest to stop The Hacker from gaining the all-poweful Mainframe - Check out the first chapter at his MySpace page. Support Independent Authors!"

The Smoking Poet - The Smoking Poet: Call for Submissions - Winter 2007-08
For full submission guidelines and contact information, visit:

Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest - Apex Halloween Raffle!:
For more details, check out this Apex Digest blog entry "Apex Halloween Raffle!" or this web site:

Be sure to check out the Darkened Horizons site:

13Human Souls - We want 1000 readers this month:
"The Halloween Special Edition of 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine is now available! Complete with two new stories, two new poems, one movie review and an essay. You have to stop by and check it out:

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