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Other News: Oct. 02, 2007

Jeremy C. Shipp, Fiction Writer - My script being made into short film:
"So my script entitled "Egg" is going to be made into a short film. It's probably one of the strangest stories I've ever written. I'm very excited. ~ Jeremy :)" Congrats Jeremey! Be sure to check out his blog for more details and leave a comment if you wish.

Grim Trixter - Brandy Leah Schwan - 9 'question' interview with me

To read more: NiNe QuestioNs with BraNdy Schwan - Part 2

Space Box 2 - Burn Up on Re-Entry:
"Hey Everyone: I just uploaded "Burn Up on Re-Entry" for you to listen to. The guitar's pretty crazy in this one. Also, I've been getting a lot of requests to put up "Wykshaw" and "Cryo." I'll put them up in the near future for you. Later ~ Brian"

Plague - Plague: Sharky's Bad Day:
Chapter 5 is posted at: http://www.plague.gravesidetales.com

"I would also like to remind everyone that the drawing for the June copy of Twisted Dreams Magazine will be coming up tomorrow, so if you know anyone who would like a chance to win a copy of the magazine then get them to subscribe to Plague Google group.

  • At chapter 10 I will have a drawing for an 11x17" signed print of John Sunseri's chapbook cover, A Little Job In Arkham.
  • At chapter 15 I will have a drawing for another June copy of Twisted Dreams Magazine
  • At chapter 20 I will have a drawing for an 11x17" signed print of John Sunseri's chapbook cover, The Innsmouth Affair.
  • At chapter 25...well, I'm not sure yet..."
Louise Bohmer -- EIC Lachesis / LBF Blog - Two New Anthos Looking for Submissions ~ (Posted on behalf of Tracy)
DarkHart Press is pleased to announce that we are reading for two new anthologies beginning on October 1st and running through December 31st, 2007. Our guidelines can be found at www.darkhartpress.com/submissions.html The first anthology, Traps is being edited by Scott T. Goudsward. Traps features cover art by Peter Szmer, a brilliant artist from the UK. Note: this cover is concept only and may change.

Please visit Traps on myspace.com: http://www.myspace.com/dhtraps

The second anthology, Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry, is being edited by Lisa Mannetti. The cover artist for the anthology is the amazing Daniele Serra. Please visit Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/terriblebeauty_fearfulsym

If - E - Zine™ - Issue Number 9 is HERE and it's FREE!!!:
Click the banner below for details and be sure to check out their profile which has been updated with a new look and includes an all-new drive-in slide show.

13Human Souls - The Halloween issue of the Horror Library - Free Fiction
The Halloween issue of The Horror Library is now live. Free Fiction from:
  • Dameion Becknell - Bog-folk Poppy Dance
  • Dan Naden - Luna
  • John Peters - Witch House
  • Petra L. Miller - Black Rain
  • Chris Perridas - It Happened One Halloween Night
  • Mark E Deloy - Rebuilt
  • Bailey Hunter - Whispers on the Wind
  • Boyd E. Harris - Escape From Benedict Island
  • As well as a review of Brian Keene's DEAD SEA under the reviews section by R.J. Cavender.
Check it out at: http://www.horrorlibrary.net and be sure to check out the October 13th Hallowe'en Special Edition of 13Human Souls:

Word Weavers - Submit to WW First Horror Anthology!!:
We're currently accepting submissions for our first Horror/Suspense Anthology! Deadlines (and we don't mean literally!) are October 31, 2007! How appropriate! So send us your horror, your gore, your thrills and your chills!! All guidelines and deadlines can be found on our profile page at:

Word Weavers Anthologies (add us to your friends!!) or at our website at: http://www.freewebs.com/weaversofwords

Don't forget to check the deadlines of the other genre specific anthologies we are working on! Please check it out and if you have any questions, contact us!

Features: Jason Ellis, Jennifer L. Miller, Mike Maranhas
Hey all! Time for the new Four Day Features here at Word Weavers! Click the link below to check out these three great authors!
  • Four Day Featured Author ~ Jason Ellis
  • Writing Excerpt ~ from Wonder Nook by Jennifer L. Miller
  • Spotlight Trading Card ~ Mike Maranhas
Head on over to Word Weavers MySpace Page to see these features and more! Thanks!! ~ Jenna, Mel, Dave and Cassie

And check out the Word Weavers Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaversofWords/

Karina L. Fabian - FabChat presents Amy Wallace
October 4: Meet Amy Wallace, author of a series of novels about FBI agents Steven Kessler, Clint Rollins, and Michael Parker, who risk their lives and hearts serving in the Washington DC Crimes Against Children Unit. http://www.defendersofhope.com/

Fab Chat is a weekly live chat for writers and readers of all interests, and persuasions and takes place every Thrus from 9-11 PM EST, so go to http://www.fabianspace.com and click on FabChat. Come learn more about authors: how and why they write, what it takes to publish and their many wonderful works of imagination.

"Amateurs" a Dragon Eye, PI, story, on the Sword Review:
I’m excited to announce that “Amateurs,” a story from the Case files of Dragon Eye, PI, is now in “print” at The Sword Review.

http://www.theswordreview.com/item.php?sub_id=1383 DragonEye.

PI, is my latest “universe” I play in, where the Faerie world and ours are connected by an interdimensional Gap and a down-and-out dragon working off a spell by the faerie St. George ends up solving mysteries and saving the universe with his Church Mage partner, Sister Grace. Please go take a look and let me know what you think. And if you’re on MySpace and like what you read, befriend Vern at http://www.myspace.com/dragoneyepi.


Karina L. Fabian
Editor, Infinite Space, Infinite God, thought-provoking sci-fi with a Catholic twist

Minnette - Starlight available for pre-order:
Starsight by Minnette Meador being released for pre-order Oct 1st from StoneGarden.net. This exciting new book has been reviewed by Piers Anthony who says "...this is one powerful and imaginative fantasy adventure novel, with many nice touches." and Spider Robinson who says "...Meador also knows the unfakeable secret of keeping even newcomers turning the pages: care about your characters so much it becomes infectious. This is a Typhoid Mary of a book, from a writer to watch." Check out Meador's blog for details.

StoneGarden Publishing - Not so secret MySpace sale on StoneGarden.net!:
It's a secret MySpace sale on StoneGarden.net! Don't be shy, spread the word and get 40% off your next purchase at http://www.stonegarden.net. Just use the coupon code "myspace" (without the quotes) at checkout. Remember, for every sale on the site, $1 goes towards inner city baseball programs here in the Bay Area. The sale will continue until the 19th of October

Jenny - Writers Choice Award winner:
Congratulations goes to Lin (tribal name). His story was chosen by Heru, last months winner. Lin will now be scouting through tribal uploads this month to pick his favourite short scifi or fantasy story. You can read his winning story here: Chillin on Millinus

"This is story is a bit of rock 'n roll SF, with plenty of lowlifes, illegal substances, and shooting at the cops... in short, it's a hell of a good time."

How to participate in future Writers Choice Awards:
• Sign up to Sky-Tribe - signing up is free and will give you a dynamic web base to promote your writing. Our features have been designed to help you get published. http://www.sky-tribe.com
• Upload one or more stories (also Free and takes just one minute) making sure the story is uploaded as public.
• The most effective way of getting your work noticed, is to read other member’s uploads and post insightful comments.

The Choice Awards are highly sought after, so you’ll want to stand out of the crowd. Good luck! ~ Sky-Tribe

Jen (Greybon) - October's Featured Posts:
Go here to see the entire list of Jen's Featured Posts: http://www.sonechki.com/home/2007/10/featured-posts.html

Sylvia Engdahl, SF author & space advocate - ESP and Other Psi Powers Are Real:
Use your mind and have a view of Sylvia's latest blog entry at: http://towardtomorrow.blogspot.com/2007/09/esp-and-other-psi-powers-are-real.html

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