Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bulletins & Other News: Oct. 28, 2007

Matt Browne - Press release of new sci-fi novel - The Future Happens Twice
New science fiction writer Matt Browne explores the ramifications of identical twins born years apart in THE FUTURE HAPPENS TWICE (Book 1 in the trilogy: THE PERENNIAL PROJECT, ISBN: 978-1844018307, Published by Athena Press, London)

"For decades scientists have dreamed of sending deep-frozen humans on interstellar missions. But until this dream comes true, they must settle for a much simpler technique available: the freezing of human embryos. However, long distance space travel of this nature poses other challenges, none more so than the management of artificial pregnancies and how to raise the children produced."

Find out more at: and

Djibril - The Future Fire/Black Swan writing competition ~ $500 prize:
"In association with Black Swan we are offering an exciting creative writing competition. Write a short story based on the evocative and bizarre surroundings of Black Swan, and the best entry submitted by the closing date will win the first prize of (USD) $500, and be published in The Future Fire and in Second Life by Black Swan." (Enter Second Life and visit the following SLURL: )
See for more details.

Tor Books - 10/30 Releases from Tor Books:
Check out this Tor Books blog entry for more details! | | | Facebook Group

StoneGarden Publishing - Small Press Petition
"Outsider Writers, and the people signing this petition, urge to add an 'Alternative' literature listing under its 'Books' pull-down menu. Alternative Literature needs a room of its own. With that in mind, please take a moment to sign the petition asking for a special section for us small presses! It can only help people find our titles!"

Cynthia Leitich Smith - Online chat: Cynthia Leitich Smith-Readergirlz 31 Flavorites
Hosted by Readergirlz ( on Monday Oct 29, 2007 at 7:00 PM CST Click Here To View Event

Writer C.D. Allen - What are the Frightscripts?
"Novellas are quickly becoming a lost art, which is why Scotopia Press wants to rejuvenate the market for them." You can find our more about C.D. Allen and Scotopia Press here:

News worth reposting:
Lincoln Crisler, Author - Join Author and Editor Lincoln Crisler for an Author's Tea!
Wednesday, November 7th @ 8PM EST Hosted by Virginia Jennings:

New Crisler Fiction in the Next BEWILDERING STORIES!
Issue #265, slated for publication on or around October 29th, will feature a new story, Farewell Engagement!:

Jodi Lee - Small Press Book Club:
The Small Press Promotions group, Small Press Book Club, has re-opened for business. As of mid-October, Small Press Promotions was opened to the general public, so if you're interested in a book club featuring the small press publishers, please stop by:

Jennifer L. Miller - Fantasy-Horror-Sci-fi Author - Attention Authors!! Check this out!!
"If you are interested in promoting on the west coast next year...follow the link below. (Be sure to check out the authors guidelines section and see if you qualify). Also contact the contacts on the website. I don't know anything about it other than what I read there. I got the information from an email I recieved about it. ~ Jenna"

Jordan M. Bobe - The Retreat:
The Retreat Coming 12/17/07 to all Major bookstores and or available now directly from the publisher:
For more information, go to the "The Retreat" FAQ.

Plague - Lithor's Artifact:
The first part of chapter 8 of Plague is posted at:
Brought to you by Graveside Tales at

Anthony P. Gioseffi - Mainframe:
"Novelist Anthony P. Gioseffi realses his sci-fi novel, Mainframe -- Computer Wizards go on a quest to stop The Hacker from gaining the all-poweful Mainframe - Check out the first chapter at his MySpace page. Support Independent Authors!"

The Smoking Poet - The Smoking Poet: Call for Submissions - Winter 2007-08
For full submission guidelines and contact information, visit:

Go to the Pyromantics profile for more details:

Be sure to check out the Darkened Horizons site:

13Human Souls - We want 1000 readers this month:
"The Halloween Special Edition of 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine is now available! Complete with two new stories, two new poems, one movie review and an essay. You have to stop by and check it out:

Jeremy C. Shipp, Fiction Writer - Want to win an autographed copy of my novel (and a ghost)?
Feel free to check out my blog for details.

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