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Bulletins & Other News: Oct. 16, 2007

Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest - Apex Halloween Raffle!:
For more details, check out this Apex Digest blog entry "Apex Halloween Raffle!" or this web site: http://www.apexdigest.com/apexraffle.shtml

From CNN.Com - "Buffy' sing-along killed off"

From Fortean Times:

Voice-altering Dalek Mask
- http://www.forteantimes.com/strangedays/misc/781/voicealtering_dalek_mask.html
Great for telemarketers and Trick or Treaters!

Where the Great Old Ones Are by ~ torenatkinson - http://torenatkinson.deviantart.com/art/Where-the-Great-Old-Ones-Are-20882194
Artist's Comments - "Mixing the two great tastes of H.P. Lovecraft and Maurice Sendak"

Grim Trixter - Brandy Leah Schwan - Authors/Poets/ Readers - Read/Submit Work - Murky Depths!:
Go Check It Out: http://www.murkydepths.com/

Are We Alone? - Watch this Space - New Episode available:
You can find more details in this latest blog entry. You may also want to subscribe to their podcast SETI:Science & Skepticism or download the show at: http://radio.seti.org.

Writer's Market UK - Man Booker Prize nominees:
"If this has passed you bye, then do not worry the winner has not been announced just yet. To view a short biog and hear from the authors, follow the link below taken from the BBC website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6935716.stm"

What are the reasons books sell well:

"Here are 10 reasons from the BBC website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7046677.stm Let me know your thoughts."

Fantasy Scribbler (aka Robert Marston Fanney) - Bestseller update:
"Since I last posted, Luthiels Song has been added to a second bestseller list -- Fairies and Elves -- and now ranks #26 in that catagory. The #51 in Wizards and Magic seems to have remained despite the fluctuating nature of amazon rankings. This is great news! Especially now that I'm looking forward to publishing "The War of Mists" soon! Best wishes and blessings to everyone! ~ Rob"

Willie Meikle - Friend of the Week:
"For over four years BLACK DEATH BOOKS has been publishing gothic horror, science fiction and dark fantasy novels by William Meikle, Karen Koehler, Drew Williams, Steve Vernon, James Newman, Philip Henry, Dan Thomas, T.M. Gray and many others. Boooks are widely available in the UK and the US. Visit the Death online at http://www.khpindustries.com or at myspace by clicking on the image below"

Fantasy Author - Hubert L. Mullins
- Mystyria update on the website!
"Hey guys! I added a few new things to the site today. It's all over in the Mystyria section, so check it out. I've expanded the 'gods' section and added a few 'places'. Be sure to head over to the contact me page and let me know what you think! Thanks a bunch guys! ~ Hubert"


Kealan Patrick Burke - Copies of NIGHT VISIONS 12 for Sale!!!
Check out Kealan's latest blog for details.

JAMES AND DADDY - 50,000 Thank yous!
James now has over 50,000 friends!
please click here to add

Djibril - Available for Review from The Future Fire:
Dear all. The following titles are available for review from The Future Fire. Please let me know (or email the non-fiction editor directly at nonfiction [AT] futurefire [DOT] net) if you are interested in writing us a review on any of these items. TFF reviews tend to be focused and critical, rather than an exercise in blurb-writing or a hack job.

• DJ Burnham, Test Drive: Volume 1 of the collected stories. The Inky Well, 2007. Pp. 319. ISBN 9781847536419. £7.99.
• Karina Kantas, In Times of Violence. (2d ed.) Lulu, 2007. Pp. 110. ISBN 9781411633711. €11.00.
• Robert Nielson, That's Entertainment. Elastic Press, 2007. Pp. 198. ISBN 9780955318122. £5.99. (short stories)
• Tony Richards, Going Back. Elastic Press, 2007. Pp. 168. ISBN 9780955318115. £5.99. (short stories)
• Israel Zangwill, The Big Bow Mystery. Dybbuk Press, 2007. Pp. 196. ISBN 9780976654636. £8.00 / $13.00.

The Pyromantics - Halloween Writers Comp News:
"We have decided to lift the word limit due to a number of people expressing interest in submitting a longer piece. We feel this is only right as the main point of the competition is to get everyone sharing and we don't want to discourage anyone or make anyone chop their work up to make it fit.

There will not be any preference given to shorter or longer pieces. The important thing is that you guys write what you want to write. Hope this all makes sense, any questions- you know where to find us! ~ Cat"

Halloween Contest Update!:

"Well Pyromantic chums, we have had lots of pledges of entry into the Halloween writing contest... and soon, I will be able to tell you what the prize will be, right now I'm stuck between two and they're both ace I can't decide which to go for.... it's a tough life over at Pyromantics HQ!

Ofcourse, it's not about the winning really, it's about the sharing of work. That's what all this is about- getting everyone writing. It would be fabulous to receive entries from our more regular contributors as well as from members who we haven't heard from before. It's all about growing the community and trusting eachother enough to share our darkest thoughts and imaginings.

SO, we have about two weeks to go... the deadline is, as you all know, the 31st October but send us your piece as soon as you like, that way we can put it up and you can start getting feedback! ~ Cat"

Word Weavers - Features: Crymsyn R. Hart, Louise Bohmer:
"Hey all! Time for the new Four Day Features here at Word Weavers! Click the link below to check out these three great authors!

  • Four Day Featured Author ~ Crymsyn R. Hart
  • Writing Excerpt ~ Crymson R. Hart
  • Spotlight Trading Card ~ Louise Bohmer
Head on over to Word Weavers MySpace Page to see these features and more! Thanks!! ~ Jenna, Mel, Dave and Cassie"
Word Weavers Anthologies | http://www.freewebs.com/weaversofwords | http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaversofWords/

13Human Souls - We want 1000 readers this month:
"The Halloween Special Edition of 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine is now available! Complete with two new stories, two new poems, one movie review and an essay. You have to stop by and check it out: http://www.geocities.com/thirteenhumansouls/

Stop in and have a read people I want to be able to tell the contributors they had 1000 readers this time. Show your support for the horror genre!

Take care ~ Brandon Layng / Editor 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine"

News worth reposting:
Tom Tancin - Do you believe in The Man in the Moon?
Check out Tom's blog entitled: "Do you believe in The Man in the Moon?"

Bret Jordan - "Gypsies Stole My Tequila"
I just wanted to let everyone know, as my friend that Adrienne Jones has a new book out for pre order entitled Gypsies Stole My Tequila. She is also giving away some prizes to anyone who orders her book. You can check it all out on her LiveJournal!

If - E - Zine™ - "A Touch of Rust" - Free Story:
If you'd like to read the full story, you can find it at: http://www.thelordshen.com/

"Working with one of the independent bookstores on my upcoming book-signing tour for LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON, I have made an arrangement for fans from all over the country -- even international fans -- to order autographed copies of the book. I can even personalize them, if you order by October 25. Go to the Changing Hands bookstore site (http://www.changinghands.com/NASApp/store/IndexJsp?s=localbestsellers) to order your copy. For those of you who missed getting signed copies of SANDWORMS OF DUNE, we will also have those available."

Gibbitt - Neverwhen Omnigenre d20 Game now available:
"Neverwhen is an Omnigenre d20 game where the ONLY limitation is your imagination. You can have starship fighters with dragons, mages and clerics with andriods and cyborgs. Where do YOU want to go today? - www.dragondyne.com"

Lucy-S - Installing Linux on a Dead Badger shipping soon:
Hi everyone ~ My new book Installing Linux on a Dead Badger is shipping next week or the week after, and it's being carried at Amazon.com (in the U.S.) and Chapters (in Canada) and also in a couple of the non-US Amazons ... the full list of places to purchase is on my website along with links to sample stories. However, if you live in the U.S., the best deal is still to preorder directly from the publisher. Thanks to all who've already ordered, and happy reading! ~ Lucy

Minnette - Starsight Book Cover Up for Covey Award:
"Just wanted to let everyone know that the Starsight bookcover by fabulous artist Derrick Freeland is up for this month's Covey Book Cover Award. This is a wonderful site that promotes books and book cover artists and everyone should visit it and vote!!!! "

"Please visit: http://thenewcoveyawards.blogspot.com/ Take a look at the entries (Starsight is entry #8, if you want to know) and vote for the most eye-catching and most relevant."

Website w/Great Writer Resources - Needs More:

Good morning, all! I have a brand spanking new website that launched last night: www.minnettemeador.com which has a great pulldown list of resources for writers, including reference sites, how to's, agents, publishers, synopsis, etc. These are sites I have used over the last several years for my own writing that I thought might help others. If you know of a good reference that is not on the list, please let me know and I can add it.

Also included in the website is an "Authors Page" which has some of my favorite authors' website links including Piers Anthony, Spider Robinson, Terry Pratchett, Robert Heinlein, Douglas Adams, Mary Stewart and many, many more. I've love to expand this list as well, so please send me your links and I'll add them. Any comments on the site would be appreciated! Have a great day!

Darea - An introduction:
I thought I would post this brief introduction by Johanna (aka Darea) in hopes that one of the readers of this blog might help her in finding a publisher who would be interested in the novel she is translating:

"I don't write sci-fi, although I do write stories. At the moment I am translating a French sci-fi novel by Pierre Bordage into English, and one of the main reasons joined the NWSFS Friends Space was in the hope that I would find a publisher who would be interested in this novel."

Drop her a line if you can help

StoneGarden Publishing - Not so secret MySpace sale on StoneGarden.net!:
It's a secret MySpace sale on StoneGarden.net! Don't be shy, spread the word and get 40% off your next purchase at http://www.stonegarden.net. Just use the coupon code "myspace" (without the quotes) at checkout. Remember, for every sale on the site, $1 goes towards inner city baseball programs here in the Bay Area. The sale will continue until the 19th of October

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