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Bulletins & Other News: Oct. 14, 2007

Bulletins & Other News:

Authors of Myspace -
This weeks Author Spotlight is...:
"Sabne Raznik with her book "Following Hope" Check it out! ~ R.M."

Fantasy Author - Hubert L. Mullins
- Teaser pic for the final book in the trilogy.
"It's not much, just something I fixed up so that I could see how the name will look when I start deciding artwork options. A lot of you should get a kick out of it :) It's in my pictures here on myspace, so check it out! ~ Hubert"

Gibbitt - Neverwhen Omnigenre d20 Game now available:
Neverwhen is an Omnigenre d20 game where the ONLY limitation is your imagination. You can have starship fighters with dragons, mages and clerics with andriods and cyborgs. Where do YOU want to go today? -

Fantasy Scribbler (aka Robert Marston Fanney) - Luthiel's Song an amazon bestseller!:
Take a look in Robert's pictures for a snapshot of the image and also visit the lising for Luthiels Song

"Working with one of the independent bookstores on my upcoming book-signing tour for LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON, I have made an arrangement for fans from all over the country -- even international fans -- to order autographed copies of the book. I can even personalize them, if you order by October 25.

Go to the Changing Hands bookstore site ( to order your copy. For those of you who missed getting signed copies of SANDWORMS OF DUNE, we will also have those available."

Bret - "Gypsies Stole My Tequila"
I just wanted to let everyone know, as my friend that Adrienne Jones has a new book out for pre order entitled Gypsies Stole My Tequila.

She is also giving away some prizes to anyone who orders her book. You can check it all out on her LiveJournal!

JAMES AND DADDY - Please become a friend of James:
please click here to add

Planet Pride - New Portrait Made of Pluto and its Moons:
Pluto system comes into focus. For more details check out the Planet Pride blog or this specific entry.

Word Weavers
- Repost: Jane Timm Baxter's New Book
"Go to to order this book! FLASHES is a collection of short stories and micro fiction by Jane Timm Baxter. Micro fiction pieces includes: STONE AX, CELL, NECKLACE and many more. A total of 40 micro fiction pieces. Short stories include many that have been featured in magazines and anthologies, including INCANTATION and I'M ONLY A RING AWAY."

Minnette -
Starsight Book Cover Up for Covey Award:
"Just wanted to let everyone know that the Starsight bookcover by fabulous artist Derrick Freeland is up for this month's Covey Book Cover Award. This is a wonderful site that promotes books and book cover artists and everyone should visit it and vote!!!! "

Please visit:

Take a look at the entries (Starsight is entry #8, if you want to know) and vote for the most eye-catching and most relevant.

Jeremy C. Shipp, Fiction Writer - A message from Jayson, the director of my short film, EGG:
"Hey everyone, this is Jayson of X-1 Productions here in Dallas. Jeremy has seen fit to trust my little company with these 11 pages of his and to flesh-out this thing as a short film. The story itself is fascinating, dark and twisted in a way that is not unlike such creators as Serling, Bradbury and Lynch...yet still maintains that surreal and unnerving blend of psychological disturbances and imagery throughout the entire story. The source of tension in EGG is not developed thru usual plot structures and devices. ...and the rest is a mystery until it's released. We start principal photography at November's end and EGG's premiere is slated for the 2nd week of January. We have hopes for the big festivals and slots with IFC, Sundance, etc. Thanks to everyone for the support! - Jayson D"

Anybody in the Dallas area who would come to a book signing?:
"At the very end of November, I'll be flying to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for some of the filming of the short film I wrote called "EGG." My other reason for the visit is to do some book signings in the area. I was wondering--is there anybody reading this who could make it to one of these events? Happytimes - Jeremy :)"

If - E - Zine™ - "A Touch of Rust" - Free Story:
If you'd like to read the full story, you can find it at:

Tor Books - Terry Goodkind “Confessor”

Repost: A. Lee Martinez Interview

Check it out at: | | | Facebook Group

13Human Souls - Oct 13th. Halloween Special Edition of 13Human Souls
Now available:

Benjamin Spaethe - Read my book? Please review it!!:
"If you read my book and enjoyed it (or didnt), I would love to hear your comments. Please visit any website you purchased my book from and write a review! I really look forward to hearing anything you have to say. Any comments are extremely helpful in the upcoming book I'm working on (continuing the series). Thank you all for your great support!"

Bailey Hunter - Expose yourself! I'll even help you:
"It's true, Dark Recesses Press still has space available in it's first print issue due for release January, 2008.

The key thing about our advertising packages are not just the low rates and excellent support (though these are nice). No, the key thing about our advertising is that you are getting twice the exposure for the exact same cost! Every advertisment, no matter what size you choose, will not only run in our Print edition, it will also appear in a PDF version of the magazine which runs counter dates to the print schedule.

What this means is you will be reaching an even larger audience, have the lasting impression of print and the instant return that digital offers by way of direct linking. If that's not enough, in addition to the black and white/grayscale ad that would appear in the print magazine (unless you choose the back cover which is full colour) your PDF ad can be full glorious colour.

If this sounds like something that your product, project or service deserves, you can contact either one of the Dark Recesses Press Advertising Reps:
Eric Enck: or Richard Hipson: Deadline for advertising is approaching fast so don't hesitate too long."

Bailey Hunter, Publisher
Dark Recesses Press

News worth reposting:
Lucy-S - Installing Linux on a Dead Badger shipping soon:
Hi everyone ~ My new book Installing Linux on a Dead Badger is shipping next week or the week after, and it's being carried at (in the U.S.) and Chapters (in Canada) and also in a couple of the non-US Amazons ... the full list of places to purchase is on my website along with links to sample stories. However, if you live in the U.S., the best deal is still to preorder directly from the publisher. Thanks to all who've already ordered, and happy reading! ~ Lucy

Minnette - Website w/Great Writer Resources - Needs More:
Good morning, all! I have a brand spanking new website that launched last night: which has a great pulldown list of resources for writers, including reference sites, how to's, agents, publishers, synopsis, etc. These are sites I have used over the last several years for my own writing that I thought might help others. If you know of a good reference that is not on the list, please let me know and I can add it.

Also included in the website is an "Authors Page" which has some of my favorite authors' website links including Piers Anthony, Spider Robinson, Terry Pratchett, Robert Heinlein, Douglas Adams, Mary Stewart and many, many more. I've love to expand this list as well, so please send me your links and I'll add them. Any comments on the site would be appreciated! Have a great day!

Send us a story with a Halloween theme and make it between 1,000- 4,000 words- let your imagination sink to never before reached levels of the macabre. Give us a story to tell around a campfire, to read with a torch under the covers, to make us sleep with the lights on...

Get this story to us by the deadline of 31st October and we will post them all up and a winner will be chosen. A prize will ofcourse be awarded (we like to treat you...) and the winning story will be crowned Pyromantics Halloween Tale of 2007! Any questions just message us here :) Cat

Darea - An introduction:
I thought I would post this brief introduction by Johanna (aka Darea) in hopes that one of the readers of this blog might help her in finding a publisher who would be interested in the novel she is translating:

"I don't write sci-fi, although I do write stories. At the moment I am translating a French sci-fi novel by Pierre Bordage into English, and one of the main reasons joined the NWSFS Friends Space was in the hope that I would find a publisher who would be interested in this novel."

Drop her a line if you can help

StoneGarden Publishing - Not so secret MySpace sale on!:
It's a secret MySpace sale on! Don't be shy, spread the word and get 40% off your next purchase at Just use the coupon code "myspace" (without the quotes) at checkout. Remember, for every sale on the site, $1 goes towards inner city baseball programs here in the Bay Area. The sale will continue until the 19th of October

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