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Bulletins & Other News: Oct. 21, 2007

Tor Books - Podcast: Cathy Clamp & Other Werewolf Romance Writers:
Here's a podcast of a radio interview with Cath Clamp and other werewolf romance writers: Click on play under: October 14 Werewolves and Shapeshifters

New Podcast: Upcoming from Tor, Part 1: New podcast posted recently: "Upcoming from Tor, Part 1"

10/16 Releases from Tor Books: Check out this Tor Books blog entry for more details! | | | Facebook Group

Authors of Myspace - This weeks Author Spotlight is....
"Valerie Fausone with her book "Life is Ridiculous" Check it out here"

Markedeloy - Like Your Horror With a Southern Flavor?Get Damned in Dixie!:
Damned in Dixie, an Anthology of Southern Horror is now available at:

Unspeakable Magazine is (Necroscopic Unlimited) - - Stop by our UMAG horror forums please!:
"Unspeakable Magazine has just launched a brand new fan forum...please go sign up and help us get posts going!
Thanks all:"

Plague - Almost Free:
The second part of Plague, chapter 7 is posted at:
Brought to you by Graveside Tales at

Margaret Weis - Trailer: Dragons of Autumn Twilight:
"A rough-cut version of the trailer for the new Dragonlance movie will be on the movie site on Monday, October 22! This is the same version that was shown at Gen Con and Dragon Con - Enjoy! ~ Margaret"


Clare Dargin - Science Fiction Readers and Writers
"My new site is a place for fans to look up a book or a favorite publisher or list their own sites/homepages and/or a place for author (be they first time authors or old pros to place their books). The only thing it's missing is you! If you are interested in posting your book or site or publishing company email me at or go to my site and check it out ~ Clare"

Clarkesworld Magazine / Wyrm Publishing - Ministry of Whimsy to Become Imprint of Wyrm Publishing:
For more information visit the Wyrm Publishing web site: and also check out the Clarkesworld Magazine site too.

Jeff Carlson - Two new author interviews:
There are two new Plague Year interview pieces out this week. Here's the Page 69 Test, a neat idea if I've ever heard of one:

And here is The Big Idea at John Scalzi's Ficlets Blog, which is, well, a big idea if I've ever heard of one:

The Pyromantics - New entries by Brandon Ford and Kenneth Webber!:
"Get on over here and check out our latest entries- 'Handouts' by Brandon Ford and 'The Observations of Doctor Briant' by K.T.C. Webber. ~ Cat"

Halloween Writing Contest- 2nd Entry!
"We've just had our second entry for the Halloween Writing Competition from Richard D Evans, "Devil's Play" is a mix of sci-fi and suspense-horror and is sure to give you all something to think about next time you think you hear a branch scratching against your bedroom window. So come on over and check it out and leave Rick some feedback! ~ Cat"

"The winner of The Pyromantics Halloween Tale 2007 will win a hardback copy of Joe Hill's (and those of you who don't know he's Stephen King's son should!) debut novel Heartshaped Box, with a Limited Edition Bookplate (a limited number of these were available at the book's launch) and not only that but it is also SIGNED by Joe Hill himself. ~ Cat"

Member News!- John E Bailor's debut novel!!:
"Just to let everyone know one of our members John E Bailor's thriller debut novel 'Death Dealt The Hand' is available to check out over at You can also check out John's profile at"

Minnette - Starsight Autographed Copies Going Quickly!:
"STARSIGHT BY MINNETTE MEADOR is out for pre-order from The first 50 copies sold will come signed and with a gift. First time buyers to StoneGarden will receive a $5.00 discount (use coupon code FIRSTORDER) or if you are a returning buyer, you can receive free shipping on your order (coupon code PREORDER). Go to Minnette's blog on MySpace or to to read an excerpt or to to read the first chapter." And check out Minnette's site:

News worth reposting:
Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest - Apex Halloween Raffle!:
For more details, check out this Apex Digest blog entry "Apex Halloween Raffle!" or this web site:

From Fortean Times:
Voice-altering Dalek Mask
Great for telemarketers and Trick or Treaters!

Where the Great Old Ones Are by ~ torenatkinson -
Artist's Comments - "Mixing the two great tastes of H.P. Lovecraft and Maurice Sendak"

Grim Trixter - Brandy Leah Schwan - Authors/Poets/ Readers - Read/Submit Work - Murky Depths!:
Go Check It Out:

Are We Alone? - Watch this Space - New Episode available:
You can find more details in this latest blog entry. You may also want to subscribe to their podcast SETI:Science & Skepticism or download the show at:

Willie Meikle - Friend of the Week:
"For over four years BLACK DEATH BOOKS has been publishing gothic horror, science fiction and dark fantasy novels by William Meikle, Karen Koehler, Drew Williams, Steve Vernon, James Newman, Philip Henry, Dan Thomas, T.M. Gray and many others. Boooks are widely available in the UK and the US. Visit the Death online at or at myspace by clicking on the image below"

Kealan Patrick Burke - Copies of NIGHT VISIONS 12 for Sale!!!
Check out Kealan's latest blog for details.

13Human Souls - We want 1000 readers this month:
"The Halloween Special Edition of 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine is now available! Complete with two new stories, two new poems, one movie review and an essay. You have to stop by and check it out:

Stop in and have a read people I want to be able to tell the contributors they had 1000 readers this time. Show your support for the horror genre!
Take care ~ Brandon Layng / Editor 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine"

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