Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bulletins & Other News: Jan. 27, 2008

Are We Alone? - New episode available tomorrow, Jan, 28, 2008: "Skeptical Sunday: Fortune Cooking"
"As I look into the crystal ball, I see... I see... I see James Randi, magician and skeptic extraordinaire. It's the self-same Randi who once exposed Uri Geller's trick for bending spoons. What does he say now that Geller has apparently admitted he is a magician, and not a silverware psychic after all?"

Also, the Amazing Randi's last chance for all mind readers, levitation experts and other masters of the paranormal: you have two years to prove your stuff before the $1,000,000 challenge ends.

Plus, a recent Harvard study scans brains for neurological evidence of ESP... unfolding the origins of the fortune cookie... And Phil Plait rounds up the latest skewed cogitations of lazy brains: is a recent Rover photo evidence of Bigfoot on Mars?

It's Skeptical Sunday... but don't take our word for it. Guests:

  • Phil Plait - Author of
  • James Randi - Stage magician, paranormal skeptic, and founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation
  • Sam Moulton - Psychologist at Harvard University
You can listen to the new episode at:

Gary Starta - Missing CSI?
Murder By Association now available st Eternal Press.Com:

Authors of Myspace - This week's author apotlight is...
Michael G. Munz with his novel "A Shadow in the Flames" Check it out! - R.M.

News worth reposting:
Book Trailers from COS Productions - Creating an effective book trailer
The ebook for marketing with book video is almost done! It will go out in the Feb. COS newsletter. In the meantime, I've put an excerpt up on the
COS blog - HERE It takes a look at creating an effective book video. I hope you'll stop by and check it out and leave a comment! If there's anything specific you would like to know more about I would love to know that prior to releasing the ebook! Thanks! ~ Sheila

Jennings Grove - Chapter 8: Lights, Part VI
Part VI of Chapter 8 is now live! Read more at:

NexGen Pulp Magazine - Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuu
"The submission period is now closed for our first issue. We've go some amazing stories (kudos to you if you get the pun) for you all. But don't worry, if you've got a submission you were not able to get to us, we will start accepting them for the next issue on Feb. 20th. If you haven't preordered your copy of our first issue yet, be sure to do so soon to avoid delays! Click here from our website for only $6!"

2007 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees Announced: The complete details and list of nominees can be found here, or here

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