Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bulletins & Other News: Jan. 13, 2008

Louise Aveni - CONTEST!
You can find complete details here.

Minnette - Interview: "Starsight"
Minnette has a new interview by Peter Joseph Swanson regarding "Starsight" posted in her blog.

Paul Levinson - Brand new interview about Lost!
"My brand-new interview about Lost ... getting ready for the 4th season, with an analysis of the past three seasons, one of the best television series of all-time.
Also check out my blog posts about the season 3 finale, and the huge amount of commentary at"

The Big God Network by J.C. McGowan. Published October 2007. $22.99, 304 pages, 6x9 Trade Paperback, Science Fiction/Political Satire/Cultural Satire. ISBN-10: 1425769373, ISBN-13: 978-1425769376.

Interview Requests and Review Copies: Clay Lord. CVL Communications:

13Human Souls - Jan.13th Edition of 13Human Souls
You can find it here:

Authors of Myspace - This week's Author Spotlight is...
"Matthew Peterson with his novel "Paraworld Zero" Also has a cool book trailer! Check it out! ~ R.M. Hamilton"

Michelle Marquis - Midnight Becomes You out Feb 1, 2008
Stop by Whiskey Creek Torrid Feb 1 for the release of my new erotic paranormal, Midnight Becomes You! ~ Michelle Marquis /

Graveside Tales - Skinwalker by Matt Hults
Go here cover to read sample chapters:
Thank you for your continued support ~ Graveside Tales /

Nomadic Delirium Press - You're invited
"Please feel free to drop by and visit us at our website. You can order our books, read reviews and excerpts, or link to bookstores where you can order our titles. We'd love to have you drop by. Thanks for reading."

Offworld Book Club - Attn: Science Fiction Book Reviewers & Bloggers
"One of our members has just launched a new science fiction novel called "The Big God Network." The MySpace page is here. If you are interested in reviewing the book for a publication or blog, you can contact them at the above myspace page, or at this email ( to receive a review copy."

"We are compiling a list of favorite science fiction novels for 2007. We would love to hear from you. Please send us your favorite picks, up to ten. Please don't include your own novels (!) and no blurbs, please. You can comment on our profile, or send in a message. Thanks ~ Offworld Book Club"

TRIAD Publishing Group - More News From Triad
"We have uploaded a new book to Kindle. It is called Taming the Dragon by Johnnie Calloway - it can be purchashed for 5.99"

Jennings Grove - Chapter 8: Lights, Part II
Read more at:

News worth reposting:
Ann B. Keller - Briggen - Sci-Fi/Fantasy being released Spring, 2008
"Stay tuned for Ann B. Keller’s next novel, BRIGGEN, a science fiction/fantasy being published by TRIAD Publishing Group in Spring, 2008.

Briggen is a riveting page turner that will have you perched on the edge of your seat as this brawny warrior prince rushes across the galaxy, battling aliens and assassins, dealing with an ornery wizard and a proud dragon, and finally succumbing to the charms of a beautiful sorceress as he claims his throne and saves the exotic planet of Mantasi. Curl up with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and immerse yourself in this exciting blend of magic, science fiction and fantasy.

More details to follow! See TRIAD Publishing Group,,, or your local bookstore to order."

Critters Writer's Workshop - Predators & Editors Poll
There has been a lot of chatter lately regarding the "Predators & Editors" Poll, and all the people who have been nominated. I must say that I am impressed with all the nominees. If you have time take a look at all the great people who have been nominated.

Here's the URL for the poll: ~ Jim Cox / NWSFS on MySpace.

Michael G. Munz - Interview at Authors of MySpace
"I've been interviewed by Authors of MySpace. The interview is posted in the blog at Have a look, and belated happy new year to all! - Michael G. Munz ( / Author of A Shadow in the Flames"

Cornelia - Open Submissions
"For my writer friends, I wanted to pass on L & L Deamspell has openings for short stories on all their anthologies. I confirmed this at a meeting of a writing group I belong to (The Final Twist) yesterday as this publisher is also a member. I have two short stories coming out in a mystery and a romance anthology with them. Their anthologies cover many different genres and heat levels. I highly recommend this publisher. I wanted to pass on the good news to my writer friends, if you have something you want to submit, check out the guidelines at ~ Cornelia Amiri"

Karina L. Fabian - SF Anthology Seeks Submissions
"Infinite Space, Infinite God, thought-provoking science fiction with a Catholic twist, is seeking submissions for its second book. Submission period from
Jan 1 to March 31, no reprints, and pay is $50 per story. Stories must be science fiction, show positive interaction of science with the Roman Catholic faith, and be well written. For more detailed guidelines, go to ~ Karina L. Fabian"

NexGenPulp - Subscriptions, submissions, and seeking old friends!
Go to the NexGenPulp profile and sign up to join their friends list, and be sure to check out their website ( for both subscription and submission information.

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