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Bulletins & Other News: Jan. 25, 2008

Book Trailers from COS Productions - Creating an effective book trailer
The ebook for marketing with book video is almost done! It will go out in the Feb. COS newsletter. In the meantime, I've put an excerpt up on the
COS blog - HERE It takes a look at creating an effective book video. I hope you'll stop by and check it out and leave a comment! If there's anything specific you would like to know more about I would love to know that prior to releasing the ebook! Thanks! ~ Sheila

Jennings Grove - Chapter 8: Lights, Part VI
Part VI of Chapter 8 is now live! Read more at:

NexGen Pulp Magazine - Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuu
"The submission period is now closed for our first issue. We've go some amazing stories (kudos to you if you get the pun) for you all. But don't worry, if you've got a submission you were not able to get to us, we will start accepting them for the next issue on Feb. 20th. If you haven't preordered your copy of our first issue yet, be sure to do so soon to avoid delays! Click here from our website for only $6!"

News worth reposting:
Tor Books - 1/22 Releases from Tor Books | | | Facebook Group |

Nomadic Delirium Press - Books
"Seedlings on the Solar Winds", "The Poet", "The Opium of the People", "Future Syndicate", & "Marionettes on the Moon" are all available directly from Nomadic Delirium Press:

13Human Souls - 13HS Has a new store open!
Complete details are in the 13Human Souls blog. Check out the store:

Word Weavers - Word Weaving Artists
"I'd like to take this time to extend an invite to any of you with artistic talents other than writing! I'd like to open up a gallery on our web page. If you sell your art work, we'll add links to artists in their own separate page. Thanks ~ Mel"
Word Weavers Anthologies |

Murky Depths - Murky Depths - BSFA nominated
The illustration for Gareth D Jone's "Looking In, Looking Out", which appeared in Issue #1 of Murky Depths and was produced by our very own art director Martin Deep, has been nominated for the BSFA Best Artwork of 2007. If you haven't seen a copy you can visit the website and check out "BSF Art" under "News" in the main menu.

Bailey Hunter - Dark Recesses Press - Issue 9 Shipping Now!
Between it's gorgeous covers you will find 54 pages packed with all the quality you've come to expect from Dark Recesses Press.
This issue contains 6 pieces of dark fiction - each accompanied by artwork, PLUS our Deja Vu Horror Contest winner - Theme: Lycanthrope.

Michael G. Munz - Seeking Seattle area reviewers
Michael G. Munz is currently looking for local area reviewers to review his book "A Shadow in the Flames" You may contact him at either his MySpace profile or at his website (with link to profile and site )

Jon Armstrong - Interview at!
I was interviewed for about my novel Grey, which was just short-listed for the Philip K Dick Award, and said,
"As a teen I was quiet, shy, and my own parents were just too cool to rebel against. The world of Grey was a place where I could vicariously experience the rage, hurt and self-righteousness of being a teen. It was fun--probably more so in fiction [than in reality]."

Read the rest at:

Are We Alone? - New episode available tomorrow, Jan, 21, 2008: "Aging: Stop Right There!"
Imagine if aging were a disease like measles, one that could be cured. Some scientists think it's possible and that we'll eventually halt - or at least slow - the march of time and extend lifespans into the triple digits and beyond. 100 could become the new 40, and 1000 the new 500! But that's a lot of years of filling out tax forms and showing up for dental hygiene appointments. Do we really want to live that long? If so, we should tap into the secret of longevity from Ming, a 400-year-old clam. Also, the surprising story of how aviator Charles Lindbergh helped develop a medical device that prolonged lives - all in support of the Nazi cause. Guests for tomorrows episode are:
| You can listen to the new episode at:

Writers Together - New Author Spotlight - Matthew Peterson
"Check out the amazing spotlight on Writers Together featuring Matthew Peterson, author of PARAWORLD ZERO. Included is an excerpt. Also find reader reviews and links to where you can enter the realm of PARAWORLD ZERO. And don't forget to break out the popcorn for his book trailer."

Matthew Peterson - NBC talks about Paraworld Zero
"NBC in Phoenix, Arizona (channel 12) talked about Paraworld Zero today on their 12 News Weekend Today show. Joe Dana talked briefly about the book and mentioned my book signing at Borders tonight" Video can be found at:

2007 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees Announced: The complete details and list of nominees can be found here, or here

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