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Bulletins & Other News: Jan. 03, 2008

StoneGarden Publishing - Three New StoneGarden Books Available for Pre-Order
"Blood and Rain, The John Dark Series Book 1" by B.L. Morgan. ISBN 1-60076-067-8, $12.95
In the drug infested streets of East St. Louis, alcoholic John Dark gets the cases deemed too dirty for the cops to touch. Battling grime with grime, Dark does his job without a touch of class and sans any emotion, until…. When his cases getter weirder, and darker, John Dark finds enough heart to save the day, save the girl, and just maybe find his way home again. This exciting detective story by Bob Morgan will pull you into the depthless shadows of the crime-ridden streets, and into the horrific cases of John Dark.

"Trash Cinephile"by Blake Ryan. ISBN 1-60076-060-0, $12.95
"Trash Cinephile is an irreverent guide to 99 intriguing examples of exploitation cinema from a wide variety of sub-genres. These are films that are often branded as B-movies, Trash films, and also rather unfairly as ‘bad movies’. Many are so bizarre that they defy any kind of generic definition; which is why you will find the films discussed within these pages gathered together in eight very loosely themed chapters."

"Sophistry by Degrees" by Robert Starr, $9.95
"It all starts with an old black and white photograph-the kind with a fuzzy background, an indistinguishable set of gray squat buildings, and an old black Model T parked against the curb. Maybe because the photographer-whose identity has diffused to oblivion like an early morning mist over a lake-was an amateur; or maybe because he or she adjusted cumbersome shutter speeds and f-stops so that the middle-aged man leaning against a lamp post beside the car is clearly the subject. Either way, it was an old photograph he found hiding in the middle of a dog-eared library book."

Marc Vun Kannon - Heat of the Moment
The anthology "Heat of the Moment" was recently released by Echelon Press, in order to benefit the victims of the San Diego wildfires last November. It contains a number of short stories, in a variety of genres, on the theme of Fire, including a fantasy story from me, called Bite Deep, as well as a futuristic paranormal story from Regan Black, called From the Ashes. All proceeds from the sales of this book benefit the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County.

"As for me, I have two novels, Unbinding the Stone and A Warrior Made, as well as an independent short story called Off the Map. In the near future I expect to have two more stories released, called 'Chasing His Own Tale' and 'Boys Will Be Boys'. My third novel was recently completed, a SciFi/Romance called St. Martin's Moon." Check Marc's site for more details about his work:

Anthony P Gioseffi - Latest News!
"Here's the latest news about science fiction and fantasy author Anthony P. Gioseffi: The manuscript for his upcoming novel is in the hands of his editors. So what's the deal? OK -- the title of the upcoming book will be -- A Sound of Trumpets -- the genre? contemporary fantasy -- the release date? Summer '08 -- The pitch? Well, you'll just have to wait for that...

So you want to know what's going on with his current book, Mainframe? Well, thanks to all of you, the book sold wonderfully over the Christmas season. Your support has been awesome.

You don't have your copy of Mainframe yet? Anthony's sci-fi/fantasy novel about Computer Wizards on the planet Karae who go on a cosmic adventure through time and space to stop The Hacker from his evil doings? To buy your copy, go to his blog."

Stuart Clark - Project U.L.F. makes SciFiChick's top 13 reads of 2007
"I am thrilled that Angela, the Scifichick has listed Project U.L.F. as one of her top thirteen reads of 2007. To see the list, click here. Angela runs a great blog over at where she posts book and movie reviews and opinions on all things sci-fi and fantasy related. Please visit her site and if you like what you see, friend her here on Myspace, she's easily found as one of my top friends."

Tor Books - New Podcast: Spider Robinson on Variable Star, Pt 2
There was new podcast posted recently: "Spider Robinson discusses writing Variable Star, Part 2"

Releasing 1/2 from Tor Books
Here's what's releasing 01/02/2008:

New Podcast: Spider Robinson on Variable Star, Pt1
New podcast posted today: "Spider Robinson discusses writing Variable Star, Part 1" | | | Facebook Group |

Dusk Before the Dawn - Technological Apocalypse - Thinking Man's Guide
"As we pass the anniversary of Y2K, a techno-phobe’s thoughts turn to the many other ways in which technology could accelerate the end of the world. Even though our mass of old computer programs did not rise up and crash on 1/1/2000, that does not mean that robots, AI, nanotechnology and the like are not worrisome for our future.

Click here to read this second part of the Thinking Man's Guide to the End of the World, endeavoring to either help you prepare or keep you so amused that you miss the end. You can also read the introductory article here. Enjoy ~ Larry"

Chronicles Of The Myles Standish - Max It Magazine
"With every new year, brings new projects. This year is no different! Max It Magazine is set for publishing as of March 1st, in Portland. is the website for the new publication, and I'm currently looking for writers, cartoon artists, and anyone else in the Portland area that is looking for a way to express themselves in a positive way!

Max It Magazine's MySpace is up and running, as well! So, if you are interested in submitting something, then please feel to message me at that profile!
Big things in the new year are at the top of my list! ~ Life Is Great!"

"Cathy and I are up for RT Awards for both Touch of Madness and Howling Moon. AND we are also up for a Career Achievement Award in Paranormal Romance. ~ C.T"

Farrago's Wainscot - Farrago's Wainscot: Issue 5
"It's alive!"

Jeremy C. Shipp, Dark Fiction Writer - Review of VACATION in the Press & Sun-Bulletin
"Here's the review. It's a nice way to start off the new year, me thinks.~ Jeremy"

Clarkesworld Magazine / Wyrm Publishing - January Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine - Free Reading
"The January 2008 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine kicks off the new year with stories by Tim Pratt and Brian Ames, an interview with Daniel Abraham, and commentary by Shaun Farrell. This month's cover art is "Fractured Thoughts" by Ray Toh.

The first annual Clarkesworld Reader's Poll closes January 14. You only have two more weeks to vote for your favorite Clarkesworld story of 2007."

Boxcar Astronaut - 2008 Message from Boxcar Astronaut
"On behalf of Ben, Devin, Robot, Diogee, and Caveman, a very special message to all of the fantastic people who have read and supported Boxcar Astronaut in 2007: HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Oh, and Jeff and Marc wish you a Happy New Year as well). Have a safe, healthy and prosperous 2008! Thank you all!"

Wastelands - Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse on sale now!
"Since Wastelands is officially on sale now, I thought it was about time I updated the anthology's MySpace page. I've added a bunch of blogs and will endeavor to continue updating them, but the best way to keep track of what's going on with me and/or the anthology is to visit or

Meanwhile,, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Powell’s Books are all indicating they have Wastelands in stock, and Night Shade confirmed to me that the distributor shipped out all their pre-orders."

Rue Morgue Magazine - Happy New Year from RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE!
"Happy New Year from the Rue Crew. Thanks for reading our rotten rag! Our Jan 2008 issue is now on stands. Check it out!"

Tom Tancin - Happy New Year! A Free Short Story! And A New Website!
"Happy New Year to everyone! I posted "Once Upon a Midnight" a Detective Lindsey Scott Thrillstery Short Story in my blog. You can also download a
free .pdf file of the story at, which a new version of that site went live just this evening. Enjoy! And as always, let me know what you think of the story and the site! ~ Tom"

N. D. Hansen-Hill SF Fantasy Horror - Just discovered I'm an Editor's Pick!
"I'm drafting a suspense novel at Protagonize, and discovered that Hunter is the Editor's Choice for the last day of 2007. It's a free read, so enjoy.
Cheers, and best wishes for 2008 ~ ND|Melody"

Word Weavers - Features: John Fitch V, David Byron, Eric Enck
Head on over to Word Weavers and check out these three authors:
  • Author Feature ~ John Fitch V
  • Writing Excerpt ~ David Byron
  • Spotlight Trading Card ~ Eric Enck
Head on over to the Word Weavers MySpace Page to see this feature and more!"
Word Weavers Anthologies | |

X-Genesis Space Corp - X-Genesis Newsletter
"Hope your holidays were a blast! And we hope 2008 is a great year for you! 2007 was a landmark year for X-Genesis. We completed much more than we anticipated and have found ourselves being recognized by more and more by individuals excited by the prospect of off-world settling.

First, we'd like to tell you that our monthly newsletter is now up and running! Drop by the home page at and sign up. You will be kept up to date with the happenings at X-Genesis, be the first to hear about breaking news, and have access to exclusive information regarding our mission.

Second, The StarForce website is being retooled and will be up and running shortly. If you're not familiar with StarForce then maybe it's time to find out! Check out a preview at

Have a great New Year! ~ Team X-Genesis"

Cynthia Leitich Smith - Chat with me at Faerie Drink Forums
"I'll be chatting at Faerie Drink Forums from Jan. 1 to Jan. 8. To register, see:
Hope to see you there! Many blessings to you and yours in the new year!"

News worth reposting:
NexGenPulp - Subscriptions!
"Our Subscriptions page is now up and running on our website! Choose from a year's subscription or a single issue purchase, all through the safety and security of paypal (no paypal account needed -- see site)."

Currently accepting submissions
"We are currently accepting submissions of Science Fiction, Detective, or Adventure stories for our first issue due out in February. We're also looking for black and white illustrations or comics. Our webpage is Thanks! ~ Michael Critzer / Editorial and Creative Director NexGen Pulp Magazine"

Scotopia Press
- Dark Distortions Volume 1
Over 580 pages of dark delights. $21.95 + Shipping & Handling (7.5% Tax for Nebraska Buyers) Pre-Order Now! All pre-orders will be signed by the editors as thanks. Ships March 20th, 2008. More details can be found at:

TRIAD Publishing Group - Check out Ghost under Third Base by Fran Orenstein
Go to and read about The Ghost under Third Base

Are We Alone? - Star Trek Seth!
See Seth in a new communications role - on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise! Watch the first part of the Internet Star Trek movie
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men starring Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols - and Seth! - at:
Go to and follow the link to see more photos of Seth in costume.

New Episode available: "Science Detectives"

Some detectives don't look for fingerprints or interrogate suspects to unravel mysteries. Instead, they're dressed in white coats, and armed with DNA probes and star maps. These are the science detectives: researchers who have found innovative ways to use science to solve puzzles that no one else can.

Find out how a biologist helped international police pinpoint elephant poaching in Africa. Also, astronomers who can decipher when and where Vincent van Gogh painted his famous nighttime works by examining the position of the stars. And, how some archeologists and paleontologists willingly deal with some very old dung to learn secrets of the distant past. You can listen to the new episode at:

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