Thursday, August 14, 2008

News Nibbles: Aug. 14, 2008

Science Fiction News: Aug. 14, 2008
Below are just some of the headlines that have been posted recently. Use the link above to access all the details:

  • British Fantasy Society News: The World’s Best Fantasy!
  • io9: The Power Of Science Fiction Could Save Mel Gibson's Career [Mad Max 4: Fury Road]
  • Locus Online: Awards News: Other Awards Presented at Worldcon
  • Pantechnicon: Pancast 011.5 - Clone Wars Special
  • RevolutionSF: Sci Fi Channel Preview 2008-2009 (Feature) * Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Review)
  • Science Fiction Awards Watch: Worldcon Other Awards * Heinlein Award Winners
  • SciFi Scanner: John Scalzi - Sports of the Future Will Be Much More Violent Than Those at the Olympics
  • SF Signal: MIND MELD: Art in a Digital World * Thursday YouTube: Batman Does the Batusi
  • SFScope: Universal options Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time
  • StarShipSofa: StarShipSofa Aural Delights No 37 Alastair Reynolds mp3
  • SteamPunk Magazine: A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse!
  • The Website at the End of the Universe: Is LucasFilms in spin control over negative Clone Wars reviews?

Selected Blog Updates: Aug. 14, 2008
You can access these recently and other recently updated blogs by clicking the link above.

Blogspot, Wordpress, and "other" blogs:
  • a dark catharsys (Heather S. Ingemar): piracy article
  • All Things Barr (Donna Barr): Insupportable Light Ships In December
  • Ask Nicola (Nicola Griffith): you've been warned * good times and bad and MS
  • Christopher Paul Carey: Caesar's Column
  • Fantasy Book Critic: INDIE REVIEW: “Shadow of the Antlered Bird” by David Sklar
  • Gone from the game * If you were invisible
  • Michael G. Munz: Speedily Submitting Short Stories (or something)
  • Robert J Sawyer: First look at Wake cover
  • SF Novelists: I want my Sean Stewart
  • The Crotchety Old Fan: Speaking of Old Fogies Having Too Much Influence
  • "Whatever" (John Scalzi): In Austin * Two Notes of Passing Interest
  • Win Eckert's Wold Newton Wanderings: August website update: New Farmer novels!
  • Witchy Chicks: Guest Blogger -- Vicki Lewis Thompson
MySpace Blogs:
  • A. Lee Martinez: Leechor, Evil Master of Power Suction! * Fortune and Fate
  • Alethea Kontis: Whirrled-Con 2008
  • BELL CON 2008: PRESS RELEASE Bands at Bell Con
  • bevhale: I have to cancel on ArmadilloCon and DragonCon
  • Cynthia Leitich Smith (CYNSATIONS): YA Author Interview: A. M. Jenkins on Night Road
  • Daniel Braum: The Wish Mechanics in FUHU 9
  • Dark Horse Comics: Portland Events * Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Preview
  • David Louis Edelman: What Do Authors Want from Reviewers?
  • Di Francis (MAD LIBS AGAIN): music and the day * asking for help
  • Fran Friel: Inside Chizine and the Mind of Brett Savory
  • Holly Cupala (Brimstone Soup): Top Ten Cool Things about the SCBWI Conference, Part Deux
  • Horror Library Blog-O-Rama: Inside Chizine and the Mind of Brett Savory - by Fran Friel
  • Jeff Carlson: WorldCon Wrap-up: Day Three, Part Two
  • Jeremy C. Shipp: What are your favorite graphic novels?
  • Lou (Lou Anders): | Colorado's Online News Leader | Denver transforms into SciFi Capitol
  • Louise Bohmer - Lachesis Publishing: Final VCon 33 Schedule/ Updates from Lach & LBF Authors/ New Acceptances
  • Matthew Peterson: 2008 World Science Fiction Convention (Denvention 3)
  • Morpheus Tales: Where to Buy Morpheus Tales Issue 1
  • Nomadic Delirium Press: Reduced Prices
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon: Orbs and Tour * THANK YOU FANS!!
  • Shroud Magazine: Submission Insight! * NEW HIRAM GRANGE ART: SNEAK PREVIEW!
  • Spectra Pulse: Guest Blogger: David J. Williams -- World Building: Some Brief Thoughts
  • Steve Anderson Design: Win a signed Starbuck or Number Six lithograph.
  • StoneGarden Publishing: More Essays
  • Tor Books: A few short stories available online
  • w1n5t0n: Chicago Tribune -- Really Long Interview with Cory Doctorow
  • Writer's Market UK: Talking Point: Swallowed By Amazon
  • Yasmine Galenorn (Life On The Fringe): Oh yay!!! * Okay, picture of that shade...

Science News and Blog Updates: Aug. 14, 2008
Space, technology, and a whole lot more!

Science News
Science Blogs:
Here is a sampling of the latest science blog updates:
  • Bad Astronomy: Galapagosiana * Rainbow conspiracy * Nukeidolia
  • The Daily Galaxy: Surfing the HyperNet -Will There be a Quantum Computer in Your Future?
  • Planet Pride: A New Look at Near Earth Asteroids * Profile of Janus

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