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News Nibbles: Aug. 12, 2008

News Nibbles: Aug. 12, 2008

Local Blog Updates: Aug. 12, 2008

  • King County Library System - MySpace Blog: Is Breaking Dawn a dud?
Be sure to check out the complete listing of local events posted here on the NWSFS: Local News Page

Science Fiction News: Aug. 12, 2008
Below are just some of the headlines that have been posted recently. Use the link above to access all the details:
  • Apex Book Company: Book trailer for Beauty & Dynamite * New Apex Digest Online goodies
  • British Fantasy Society News: Doctor Who and Stardust Win Hugos
  • io9: Six WorldCon Breakout Stars to Watch [Buzz]
  • Locus Online: Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
  • RevolutionSF: RevolutionSF Remembers Isaac Hayes (News)
  • Science Fiction Awards Watch: Campbell Pin Photo * Hugo Reactions Poll
  • Science Fiction Buzz: DC Comics/Warner Bros. Animated Super Heroes CD Soundtrack Signing Event
  • SciFi Scanner: Site of the Week - Geeks of Doom * John Scalzi Talks About His Hugo Win
  • SF Signal: Tuesday Trailer: Dance of the Dead * REVIEW: Stalking the Unicorn by Mike Resnick
  • SFScope: WorldCon 2010 * CBLDF reschedules cancelled Doctorow-headlined fundraiser
  • The Website at the End of the Universe: What were the best scifi TV shows killed off before their time?

Selected Blog Updates: Aug. 12, 2008
You can access these recently and other recently updated blogs by clicking the link above.

Blogspot, Wordpress, and "other" blogs:
  • ...from down in Lucky Town (Alex Bledsoe): Possibly the best review I'll ever get
  • a dark catharsys (Heather S. Ingemar): talk about the weekend from hell
  • Ask Nicola (Nicola Griffith): Ammonite covers * xena and gabrielle
  • Christopher Paul Carey: Worldcon: Denvention 3
  • Fantasy Book Critic: SPOTLIGHT: George R. R. Martin's "The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword"
  • J Alan Erwine's Blog: Denvention Pics * Denvention Day 5
  • Werewolf glee! * I want to see a bunny too
  • Robert J Sawyer: L.A. stories ... * Worldcon memories * SETI@home and Rollback
  • SF Novelists: Writers Resources
  • The Crotchety Old Fan: Harlan Ellison (obliquely) Comments * READING vs READING ON TEH INTERNETS
  • "Whatever" (John Scalzi): Finding Mary Robinette Kowal’s Fiction * Photo Request
  • Witchy Chicks: Time to Work on ME * At the movies - AMAL
MySpace Blogs:
  • Alethea Kontis: Best. Interview. Ever.
  • Chuck Palahniuk: Chuck Palahniuk's August Essay, "Nuts & Bolts: Plot Points"
  • Cynthia Leitich Smith (CYNSATIONS): Author Feature: Joseph Bruchac
  • David Louis Edelman: Denvention Recapitulation
  • Fantasy Book Critic: Fantasy Book Critic Update
  • Fran Friel: Special Chrispy News and Penguin, Ed Schubert
  • HARPER PERENNIAL: Simon Van Booy video from Paris
  • Harry Shannon: "Dead And Gone" meet & greet at Dark Delicacies
  • Horror Library Blog-O-Rama: Writer's Block - by Dan Naden
  • Jeff Carlson: WorldCon Wrap-up: Day One, Part Two
  • Lois McMaster Bujold: Writer Guest of Honor Speech, Denvention 3
  • Louise Bohmer - Lachesis Publishing: Another VCon Update
  • Luna Books: Interview with Luna Author Michelle Sagara
  • Marianne De Pierres: p.s. a little whisper ...
  • Maura Anderson: Fiction with Friction - Labor of Love Shorts
  • Morpheus Tales: Morpheus Tales Special Issues
  • Paul S. Kemp: GenCon Schedule for Paul S. Kemp
  • Philip José Farmer - MySpace Blog: August website update: New Farmer novels!
  • Planet Stories: One of a Kline
  • Robin Hobb: Cover Art!
  • Rue Morgue Magazine: The Demonology of Desire joins Transgressive Visions
  • Scott Nicholson: self-publishing and self-control
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon: Latest Tour Update
  • Shroud Magazine: Who is HIRAM GRANGE and why should we care?
  • Steven Brust: Hey, you got a band?
  • Tor Teen: New Album: Recent and Upcoming Manga for Ages 16+
  • Yasmine Galenorn (Life On The Fringe): Woohoo! Finished the chapter....

Science News & Blog Updates: Aug. 12, 2008
Space, technology, and a whole lot more!

Science News
Science Blogs:
Here is a sampling of the latest science blog updates:

Bad Astronomy:
  • The White House is mine! * Flat Earth? Really? * Guess who?
  • Moon hoax: why not use telescopes to look at the landers?
  • Cassini to image Enceladus’s warm vents
The Daily Galaxy:
  • Video Tour of the Andromeda Galaxy
  • Hubble’s 100,000th Pass Showcases Star Birth
  • GreenURLs -Daily Flash (8/12) * SpaceURLs -Daily Flash (8/12)
Planet Pride: NASA Blog: Cassini Engineering Is Ready for Enceladus!

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