Sunday, March 30, 2008

Other News & Bulletins: March 30, 2008

Wade of Aquitaine (Ben Parris) - Schedule for I-Con 27 panels
"I am scheduled to be on five panels on April 5 and 6, mostly to talk about my book. Details are on my calendar, and at:"

Are We Alone? - Next show available March 31,2008: "Skeptical Sunday: You Sure About That?"
We all have something we feel certain about; the Sun will rise, the sky is blue and dried egg is hard to remove from shag carpet. You may feel strongly about these things - even swear by them; but that doesn't make them true, only that your neurochemistry is in high gear.
We'll hear how chemicals in the brain conspire to produce certainty and why even death and taxes are not foregone conclusions. Also, Sam Harris on the biology of belief... Phil Plait on vacationing brains and our Hollywood skeptic raises an eye at sure-fire, tinseltown blockbusters.

You can listen to this and other episodes at:

Frank E. Bittinger - Visit
Check out Frank's site at:

Robert McCammon - Grand Master Award
Robert McCammon was awarded the Grand Master Award by the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City, UT, on March 29, 2008.

Kailleaugh - Like Vampires?
"My wife, Alex Severin, has a new book out. It’s called "Make The Streets Run Vampire Red" and is a short collection of vampire stories set in the world of her forthcoming novels "Vampire Red" and "Vampire Vintage". The collection retails for $7.99, so if you’re a fan of vampire fiction or just like vampires, grab yourself a copy.

Get your copy now at:

(And for those of you who keep asking when my next book is coming out - it will be soon, I promise.) Regards ~ Kailleaugh Andersson /"

Lincoln Crisler - Shroud Publishing's Beneath the Surface!
Details can be found here:

Kevin Lucia - I got some pulp in the mail today...
"Read my short story, Darkness Road, in the first issue of NexGen Pulp Magazine. ~ Kevin Lucia"

Graveside Tales - 65 FRIED! PAGES
"Graveside Tales just released a 65 pages of Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths for download. So, if you are looking for something to read, or wanted to check the book out to see if you would like to purchase it or not, here is your chance. It can be downloaded at:" Brought to you by:

The Smoking Poet - TSP Call for Submissions - Summer 2008
THE SMOKING POET publishes flash fiction; fiction; nonfiction; poetry; feature author; feature poet; feature young adult author; feature artist; and book reviews. We publish work that ignites our imagination, inflames our passion, leaves us with a smoky aftertaste. The Smoking Poet also shares an extensive list of links and resources for writers and the cigar aficionado. Submissions open year round. For book reviews, please query first. For full submission guidelines and contact information, along with information about our First Annual Short Story Contest, visit: The Smoking Poet

Winners of the contest will be published in the summer issue; cash prizes. Summer 2008 Issue Deadline: May 31, 2008

Nomadic Delirium Press - Gaming artists
"We might be looking for an artist to do some interior black and white artwork for our science fiction role playing game. Potential artists must be able to draw aliens...and we don't mean Star Trek aliens.
If this is something you might be interested in, please visit the game's MySpace page at:

If you're still interested, message us here or at the Ephemeris page. Please include a link to where we can view some of your artwork, and please let us know what you would charge...keeping in mind that we are a small press publisher.?" Nomadic Delirium Press:

"Click on the newspaper article on my blog for a larger version:"

Tim Waggoner - New Short Story Collection
"I'm excited to announce that my second short story collection, BROKEN SHADOWS, is scheduled to come out in both limited hardcover and trade paperback editions this October from Delirium Books: There will be a couple new stories in the book, along with reprints of some hard-to-find stories."

Dark Horse Comics - Chapter 6: Shaman Warrior eComic has been posted!
"One of the best-selling manhwa epics of all time is now available to read right here on Dark Horse! Shaman Warrior is a lavishly illustrated, violent fantasy epic with breakneck action sequences, imaginative characters, and moments of pure horror that will appeal to fans of Blade of the Immortal and Lone Wolf and Cub. Stay with us on this exciting adventure, as a new chapter will be added every friday. Don't miss out on this Dark Horse exclusive! Click here to check it out!"

News worth reposting:
Plague - The Unwilling Servant
The second part of chapter 11 for Plague is posted:

Writer's Digest Books - Writer's Digest Books new website is now live!
Here's the URL:

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