Sunday, March 16, 2008

NWSFS Notices just before Norwescon 31

Friday - 03/21/2008 – NWSFS At Norwescon Hospitality – Noon to 4:00 P.M.
Come join the fun and camaraderie as we help out at Norwescon Hospitality on Friday March 21, from noon to 4pm. Our own Bert is the Hospitality Director and would love it if NWSFS members stopped by during our time slot to help meet and greet as well as help in any other capacity she needs – whether that be putting out food and drink, running quick errands or just making folks feel welcome. Even if you can only drop by for 15 minutes, please come on in – we would love to see you! Plus, this counts towards your volunteer hours. Drop by the Volunteer office afterwards for goodies, prizes and comfy chairs to plop down in!]

Thursday – Sunday – 03/20/08 – 03/23/08 - NWSFS Club Table at Norwescon!
Interested in seeing all of Norwescon from one spot? Then volunteer to staff the NWSFS Club Table at Norwescon. Located in the lobby, where you can watch the never-ending fen parade as well as greet everyone you know! Table-sitters will be handing out flyers for NWSFS and other events and organizations as well as meeting and greeting potential NWSFS members. It would be nice to have table-sitters who are able to handle money so we could take new memberships. Shift sitting in one hour increments, please.

Please let us know if you can help at Hospitality and/or the club table: email Michael Citrak at: mcitrak at comcast dot net for further information, or stop by Hospitality on Friday or day time at our club table.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities at Norwescon
Whereas there are lots of areas one can volunteer for Norwescon, you'll find me directing people to the Tech Department….why, you may ask, because that's were I volunteer and I know first hand the fun, silliness and camaraderie that Team Tech is. If you're attending, I would like to invite you to volunteer in various areas of tech. There's lots to do, and an hour of two of your time would be greatly appreciated.

Team Tech is a long established tradition at Norwescon, we deliver, setup, tear-down, and return all the AV (Audio Visual) equipment used during the convention. We are engineering so to speak. We use over head projectors, slide projectors, microphones, stage lights, cables, flip charts and of course Gaffer's tape. (You may have thought I it was going to be Duct Tape, but we switch to Gaffer's Tape.)

If you are interested in joining let me know, or stop by the Prop Room (which is cleverly disguised as a coat room facing Grand 1 Ballroom). Or stop by Grand 3 on Thursday during the day. If you're interested, I can send you details of what are needs are when. Come on and join Team Tech. On the job training is available as needed.

Thanks, and we know you'll have a great time.

For Team Tech
Jordon Orr, Elizabeth Thomas-Rodolf, and Michael Citrak

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