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Bulletins & Other News: March. 02, 2008

Are We Alone? - Next show available March 3, 2008: "The Early Bird Gets the Wormhole"
Here's a time-saver: ditch that car and find your local wormhole. You'll be transported from your front door to Pilates - or to a piazza in Rome, if you prefer - faster than you can say "instant messaging."
We'll get reaction from a physicist and science-fiction fans to the movie "Jumper," that explores the idea of teleportation, and find out whether a wormhole commute is really possible.
Also, futuristic modes of transportation that have yet to crowd the skies: jet packs and flying cars. Whatever happened to them? And, what travel will be like in the year 2050.

You can listen to this and other episodes at:

Isaac - William Shatner Announces Contest to Find the Next Sci-Fi Star
Check this URL for further details:

Christine Jones - Mariard Volume 1
Australian author Christine Jones has released Mariard Volume 1 The Gifting, the first of a 10 volume science fiction fantasy series. Mariard Volume 2 Glass Pawns will be out next month.
More info can be found here:

Jessica Lynne Gardner - The "Edward Ballister" Project
"There is a project taking place of great magnitude that just might change horror novels FOREVER. We are currently calling it "Edward Ballister". Jeff Ezell (profile name: "Wish World" on my top 10) has come up with a clever way for horror writers to meet, network and put their twisted minds together to produce a one-of-a-kind horror novel. There ARE plans of publishing this book so if there are any interested publishers out there please let us know ;)

Interested writers may contact Jeff through the Edward Ballister page or Wish World page for more information:

Murky Depths - Issue #3
"Is back from the printers looking absolutely awesome!" Take a look at:

The Smoking Poet - The Smoking Poet Spring Issue 2008 - Online Now
Visit The Smoking Poet today!:

Jennings Grove - Chapter 9: Third Night, Part VI
Part VI of Chapter 9 is now live! Read more at:

TRIAD Contests - Win a copy of From the Shadows along with a surprise!
"Pick up your copy of the new horror anthology "From the Shadows" brought to you by TRIAD Publishing! Enter our contest today to win a free copy and join our friends list for upcoming contests!
Simply CLICK HERE to enter our world and "embrace the darkness" with us!"

Clarkesworld Magazine / Wyrm Publishing - March Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine
"The March issue of Clarkesworld Magazine features new stories by Jay Lake and Stephen Dedman, an interview with Kage Baker and commentary by Ekaterina Sedia. This month's cover art is "Nomad" by Pascal Blanché". -

Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest - The Next Fix by Matt Wallace available for order
"If there is a party at the end of the universe, Matt Wallace's The Next Fix will be the drug of choice. Two-time Parsec Award-winning author teams with Apex Publications for a new collection of 12 short stories and one novella.

With characters as gritty as Sam Spade but as real as your next-door neighbor, The Next Fix cooks up a cocktail of futuristic trips that range from haunting to comedic to don't-turn-out-the-lights. Preorders begin March 1 at:"

Brandon Layng - If you have a few minutes stop by my blog and help me out
Stop by Brandon's blog entry entitled "Sin in Skin Poll" and let him know what you think about "Sin in Skin". If that link doesn't work then just to to the URL below and you find it under the blog titled "Sin In Skin Poll":

New Anthologies From 13HS will be looking for Subs
Check my blog or the 13Human Souls blog for more details on two new anthologies; A NEW BREED OF SERIAL KILLER and INNARDS ON THE OUTSIDE.

Dark Horse Comics - Chapter 2 of Shaman Warrior eComic is Live!
One of the best-selling manhwa epics of all time is now available to read right here on! Shaman Warrior is a lavishly illustrated, violent fantasy epic with breakneck action sequences, imaginative characters, and moments of pure horror that will appeal to fans of Blade of the Immortal and Lone Wolf and Cub. Stay with us on this exciting adventure, as a new chapter will be added every friday. Don't miss out on this exclusive! Click here to check it out!

Tor Books - MySpace Page
"FYI, if you haven't already, you may just want to go check out this: I do believe I saw the word "free" over there. Just saying… And, heads up…if you have questions about that site, ask them. I'm not behind the scenes on that one. But, this profile, Tor Teen, and Little Brother…those are the ones I can still help you with any questions. :) Have a happy day and a wonderful weekend! ~ Tor Books" | | | Facebook Group |

News worth reposting:
Grim Trixter - Brandy Leah Schwan - Edgar Allan Poe 200 Project
In 2008, the EAP200 Project will be launching a special Website to Poe that will allow admirers of Poe's literature and life to pay tribute to him online. Well-know authors, performers and other celebrities will play a part in this tribute as well:

Word Weavers - Features: Cheri Chesley, Matthew Alan Pierce
  • Author Feature ~ Cheri L. Chesley
  • Writing Excerpt ~ From Dark Curse of Whispers by: Matthew Alan Pierce
  • Spotlight Trading Card ~ Charlotte Emma Gledson
Come check out the new Features at Word Weavers

Requiem for the Damned Horror Anthology Available Now!!
The Word Weavers Horror Anthology "Requiem for the Damned" is now available for purchase at This collection of the macabre contains stories from some of the best minds in horror today.
With fantastic cover and interior art by John Stanton, edited by Jennifer L. Miller and Jordan Bobe and formatted by Cassandra Lee. This book will keep you up at night, get your copy today!
Due to graphic sex and violence, parental discretion is advised.
Word Weavers Anthologies |

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