Monday, May 5, 2008

News Nibbles: May 05, 2008

I thought I should get these news items posted tonight instead of waiting until the usual posting on Tuesday ~ Jim

BELL CON 2008 - BELL CON 2008 Date set
Sept 27th at the Whatcom Community College. More details forthcoming.

Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest - The Next Fix ebook
now available.
"The Next Fix by Matt Walla
ce is now available as an ebook from Fictionwise for a meager $4.99. If you order within seven days, you save 15% and pay only $4.24."

Michael G. Munz - Chapt
er Two of A Shadow in the Flames now online!
"I'm pleas
ed to announce that the second chapter of A Shadow in the Flames, my recently released sci-fi thriller, is now readable online at my official website! I'd love for everyone to take a look. While there, be sure to take a look at the A Shadow in the Flames FAQ, characters, and see what the critics are saying! The first chapter is there, too ~ Michael G. Munz"

Bev Hale will be at
CONduit, May 23-25, 2008 at Downtown Radisoon Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT

SF Reviews.Net - Lates
t reviews posted to site: Novik, Castro
"SF Revie is looking to be a lot busier this month than it was last month, with new books by Charles Stross, Greg Egan and Elizabeth Bear in the pipeline...and that's only scratching the surface! The most recently added reviews are:

Victory of Eagles by Naomi
Novik: The fifth Temeraire novel is as exciting as the first four.
Emissaries from the Dead by Adam-
Troy Castro: This deeply cynical and atmospheric murder mystery is a commendable "original" debut for a writer whose prior works have been largely media tie-ins.

reading, and see you again soon ~ Thomas M.Wagner / SF"

Brandon Layng - Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror
Brandon writes about the upcoming 2008 Ladies of Horror, and 2008 Gentlemen of Horror that will be presented by
Word Weavers

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