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Bulletins & Other News: Feb. 24, 2008

Are We Alone? - Encore presentation available February 25, 2008: "The End of Food"
Do you find eating tiresome? Is taking time to chew taking too big a bite out of your productivity? Well, you can soon say goodbye to the burden of beefy burgers and chlorophyll-ridden lettuce - you'll be able to pop a pill for all your nutritional needs! As much as you may find this too much to swallow, what we call "food" is changing. Indeed, you might not recognize the dinner of the future if it landed on your plate today. In this hour, a look at high and low-tech visions of dinner time... whether E.T. would ever get a hankering to snack on Homo sapiens... what percentage of a Twinkie is mined... and growing meat in the lab. Plus, food fights of the past and future. Guests:

You can listen to this and other episodes at:

Word Weavers - Requiem for the Damned Horror Anthology Available Now!!
The Word Weavers Horror Anthology "Requiem for the Damned" is now available for purchase at This collection of the macabre contains stories from some of the best minds in horror today including:

Jennifer L. Miller, Eric Enck, Cassandra Lee, Dave Rex, Jordan M. Bobe, Colin M. Maguire, Charlotte Emma Gledson, Matthew Alan Pierce, Jane Timm Baxter, John Stanton, Jessica Lynne Gardner, Kevin Lucia, Michael A, Beaudry, Stephen W. Roberts and Scott Harper.

With fantastic cover and interior art by John Stanton, edited by Jennifer L. Miller and Jordan Bobe and formatted by Cassandra Lee. This book will keep you up at night, get your copy today!
Due to graphic sex and violence, parental discretion is advised.

Poetry Submissions Open Till Wednesday!!
Poetry Submissions are now open again. They will remain open until Wednesday the 27th. If you have anything you'd like to submit, please do so.
Email submissions to: Please put: POETRY SUBMISSION in the subject line of your email. Please include a short bio with links in your submission.

Word Weavers Anthologies |

Fandomaniacs - Fandomaniacs: Episode 7
We're back from our break with some RPG and video game reviews. We review Colonial Gothic, Scout Roleplaying Game, Faery's Tale and more.
For more info, please visit:

Willie Meikle - Lovecaftian short story now on podcast
"My story "Aboard the Vordlak" is available to listen to on this months Cthulhu Podcast: This podcast is inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos. You will hear readings of his works, and horror or ghost stories by other authors. The Lovecraft "period" is primarily the 1920's and you will also hear music from that period. ..."

Steve Anderson Design - Star Wars Celebration Japan announced
Check the link:

Linda Mooney - I'm blogging daily now, so read what I wrote about editors!
Check out what I have to say today about editors:

Michelle Marquis - Shipwrecked! out now from Amira
If you love sci fi erotic romance, check out "Shipwrecked" by Michelle Marquis at Amira Press:

Stargate Atlantis - SG-1 Nominated for Saturn Award!
Stargate SG-1 has been nominated for Best Syndicated / Cable Television Series. The list of nominees:

Tor Books - New Podcast: David Lubar & F. Paul Wilson @ NEIBA
A new podcast is up “David Lubar & F. Paul Wilson at the New England Independent Booksellers Association” You can find it here:

2/19 Releases from Tor Books
You can find the listing this new blog post: 2/19 Releases from Tor Books | | | Facebook Group |

Armand - 2006 Godzilla Plaque Dedication Blog
"A new blog has been set up memorializing the March 2006 Godzilla Plaque Dedication. Go here:"

News worth reposting:
Actor and 50's Sci-Fi icon Ben Chapman: October 29, 1928 - February 21, 2008
Ben Chapman who along with Ricou Browning played the Gillman in the 50's science fiction classic "Creature From The Black Lagoon" passed away earlier today in Hawaii.
More details can be found on The-ReelGillman site: It should be noted that Ben played the Gillman in all out of water scenes while Ricou Browning did all the underwater scenes. Ben will be missed. So long Gillman.

Author Thomas Saint McReynolds - "From the Shadows" contest!
Details can be found at:

For full submission guidelines and contact information, visit:
Spring 2008 Issue Deadline: February 28, 2008

Details can be found here:

"Into The Basement, The Movie" - AUDITIONS ARE OPEN
Check this blog entry for details.

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