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Bulletins & Other News: Feb. 03, 2008

The Pyromantics - BACK AND BLOODY!
"Hey Morbid Scribblers, we'd like to let you know that we are up and about again, after a long period of writing sensible academic things, and we need fresh blood now. We've posted our first story of 2008 'The Island' by Guilty Genius so come on over, have a read, and leave some feedback. It'd be great to get some new writing up on the site to really kick 2008 off and to make up for lost time. So, please do send your stuff on over, guys. Any bloody Valentine's tales out there?

Also we were thinking of using the space where we previously had the Heart Shaped Box competition stuff, to put up images and news about new horror coming out, or sci-fi etc. If you guys have any ideas about what you'd like to see there, or you have something you yourself would like to put up, a new book you're selling, or e-zine you've started etc then let us know, we need visuals so if you have an image to go with it then that's even better!

Message us here or email"

Are We Alone? - Next show available February 4, 2008: "You Talkin' to Me? The science of communication"
Blah, blah, blah. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Yap, yap, yap. There's a lot of blather out there in the verbalsphere - you know what I'm saying? So you need to be crafty in order to be heard. We'll wax eloquent about those who succeed at getting their messages across... from a theory about how animals compete for bandwidth to the beautiful and sonorous language of whales. Also, how to recognize a message from E.T. And, making the case for letting that library card lapse: the extinction of the written word. Guests:

You can listen to the new episode at:

Clarkesworld Magazine / Wyrm Publishing - Shriek: An Afterword by Jeff VanderMeer Limited Edition
Wyrm Publishing is pleased to announce that they are now accepting preorders for the signed limited edition of Jeff VanderMeer's Shriek: An Afterword. There is a 25% discount for anyone ordering this book between now and February 9th, 2008.

Grim Trixter - Brandy Leah Schwan - Dark Distortions
Dark Distortions Volume 1. Over 580 pages of dark delights. $21.95 + Shipping & Handling (7.5% Tax for Nebraska Buyers)
Pre-Order Now! All pre-orders will be signed by the editors as thanks. Ships March 20th, 2008.
Available at:

Jennings Grove - Chapter 9: Third Night, Part II
Part II of Chapter 9 is now live! Read more at:

News worth reposting:
Lisa Mantchev -"The Girl With Blueberry Eyes" now online
"The Girl With Blueberry Eyes" is live at Fantasy Magazine for your reading enjoyment:

Robert McCammon - McCammon video from the 1989 WFC in Seattle, WA.
"Way back in 1989, Robert McCammon was the Guest of Honor at the World Fantasy Convention in Seattle, WA. I've just posted an 11-minute video of the Q&A part of "An Hour with Robert McCammon" at the 1989 WFC to YouTube. You can watch the 2-part video on the McCammon site, and it should soon show up in YouTube searches. Thanks to Sephera Giron, who sent me the videotape back in '89.

Also, I spoke with the Alabama Booksmith this afternoon. They still have a handful of signed copies of The Queen of Bedlam hardcover, but once these are gone, they're gone. The first printing of hardcover edition has apparently pretty much sold out and the Booksmith is unable to get more copies. Information on how to order a signed hardcover can be found at the top of the front page of the McCammon site. Robert McCammon is hard at work on Mr. Slaughter, the next Matthew Corbett novel."

Markedeloy - New website -
"Please visit my new website: MARKEDELOY.COM Getting ready for the new novel Life Suspended which is coming out in March at the World Horror Convention. DARK RECESSES PRESS"

Jeremy C. Shipp, Dark Fiction Writer - Jeff VanderMeer included my novel in best of 2007 article
Here's the article:

Writer's Digest - Finding the Right Editor
In the February issue of Writer's Digest, writer Mark Peters says searching for the right editor has some surprising similarities to online dating services. In fact, pitching an editor can be a lot like pitching woo. To read Peters' discoveries and experiences on the similarities between finding the right editor and online dating, visit:

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