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NWSFS: October Mad Scientist Social

Posted on behalf of Jeanine Swanson - NWSFS Vice Chair:

(Getting this information out so that everyone has time to plan for the challenge.)

Saturday - 10/22/2010 – NWSFS Mad Scientist Social
Please join Michael Ormes, Victoria Whitlock and their minions for the October NWSFS Social, beginning at 5 P.M. and ending at 10 P.M (or when they eject the last remaining guest or loan them sleeping space). 14437 NE 11th Place, Bellevue.

This is the Mad Scientist Social, so present your favorite experiments, inventions, gadgets, creations, discoveries and curiosities.
 (NOTE: Please limit yields and power requirements to something appropriate for a residential area.)

Bring your favorite videotapes or DVDs, as there is a separate room for viewing. There will also be a variety of board and card games available, or you can bring your own favorite.

As usual, this is a potluck, so bring your contribution of a main dish (occasionally have enough), side dish (rarely have enough), beverage, munchies (usually have enough), or dessert (often have enough, but then really, who could object to too much dessert).

Based on continued demand (despite limited participation), A Challenge for the build-ahead-of-time crowd has again been included. So, for those who prefer time-to-think, and your-own-choice-of-materials:

Using Legos as your primary building materials create a siege weapon

The winner is the device which is able to place your diabolical device inside the walls of a fortification from the greatest distance.

The fine print:
While structural integrity must be provided by the Legos, some non-Lego components are permitted where properties are required which cannot be provided by commonly available Lego parts. For example, a limited number of rubber bands would be permitted since Lego parts do not provide the elasticity needed for some designs.

Anyone who objects to a non-Lego component may be required to demonstrate how the same requirements could be met by actual readily-available Lego components. (Being busy Judging and Hosting, the sponsors of this event are not required to provide such a demonstration.)

Diabolical Devices are to be represented by Nerf balls, Ping-Pong balls, Nerf darts or some similar item (we understand that you won’t want to give away any secrets by using an actual Diabolical Device in a public demonstration).

The device is to be scaled appropriately for use by standard-issue commonly-available Lego minions. While we understand that augmenting ones minions (or even building them to spec) is a time honored Mad Scientist tradition, this about you siege weapon skills – not about your minion construction abilities.

The weapon must begin its operation with no component closer than a specified distance. Mad Scientists and non-Lego minions are to be no closer than the specified distance while the device is in operation. After activating the device, assuming an appropriate dramatic pose (in order to properly observe their creation, to provide motivation to their Lego Minions, and to terrorize the opponents minions) is optional.

Each contestant is allowed three attempts to place a diabolical device into the castle from the specified distance. Unsuccessful contestants will be eliminated and the distance increased until we have a winner. Should no entry succeed from a specified distance, the distance will be reduced and the last set of contestants will be allowed another three attempts – after the spectators have stopped laughing.

After an attempt, the Mad Scientist is permitted (in some cases "are required") to go where necessary to collect all the pieces to reset the device for another attempt or to clear the debris for the next contestant.

The exact details of the fortification will be available at the social (Mad Scientist alliances are in notoriously unstable; so, ones arsenal must be adaptable); however, the objective will be at Lego-minion scale.

Destruction of anything (or anyone) except the siege weapon or Diabolical Device (as it is allowed to be a single use creation) (i.e. damage to the test-site) will disqualify your entry – and perhaps negatively impact your Mad Scientist Insurance – assuming that any respectable Mad Scientist’s insurance wasn’t canceled early in their career).

Despite the above requirement, innocent bystanders are encouraged to choose their cover early and to use it to best effect.

As usual, the sponsors of this event assume no liability for damaged egos.

We apologize for those Mad Scientists who have been constructing a direct-impact siege weapon designed to meet the goal of the preliminary versions of this challenge. Creating a fortification that could be quickly reset to the same configuration and that provided an adequate range of possible results is behind schedule and is not expected to be completed by this year's event. If there is sufficient interest then the project will not be canceled.

A Challenge, in a form similar to previous years, will also be presented for those who desire the satisfaction of solving a problem using limited time and constrained resources. (i.e. you get the details when you arrive – assuming I can devise a suitable contest before the event).

Logistics: There is plenty of parking on the street. The driveway is a bit steep. The only pets are aquatic, and they are expected to remain in their appropriate habitat. NOTE: If you need test subjects, please make other arrangements. Smoking is acceptable outside only, please. There is a covered breezeway available, with seating, for smokers.

From I-405 (both directions – or take the SR520 route: 
  • Take the NE 8th St exit Eastbound (not the SE 8th St exit). Travel East on NE 8th St. towards Crossroads Mall. 
  • Take a Left (North) on 140th St NE (there is a Walgreen's on the corner). 
  • Take the first Right on NE 14th St, before the Fairweather Building.  
  • After some large speed bumps, this road will make a 90-degree right turn and become 144th St NE  
  • Take a Left on NE 11th Place.  
  • This road again takes a 90-degree Right turn. 
  • As you turn, the house is on the inside corner, around the corner. The house is brown, and the drive goes up a small hill, pointed back the way you arrived.

From SR520:
  • Take the 148th St exit
  • Travel South on 148th St NE
  • Turn Right (West) on NE 10th to 145th St NE. It looks like a driveway until you are right there.
  • Take a Right (North) on 145th St NE
  • Continue to 11th. The house will be on the left, with the drive pointed up the hill, in the direction you were going.
From I-90
  • DON'T try to go partway and then follow the directions from SR520 because there is a left turn that you can't make.
  • Take the 148th St exit
  • Travel North on 148th St NE
  • Go West on NE 8th to 140th St NE
  • Take a Right (North) on 140th St NE (there is a Walgreen's on the corner)
  • Take the first Right on NE 14th St, before the Fairweather Building
  • After some large speed bumps, this road will make a 90-degree right turn and become
  • 144th St NE
  • Take a Left on NE 11th Place
  • This road again takes a 90-degree Right turn As you turn, the house is on the inside
  • corner, around the corner.
  • The house is brown, and the drive goes up a small hill, pointed back the way you arrived

14437 NE 11th PL

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