Monday, June 7, 2010

Steamcon: June Organizational Meeting - CANCELED!

Due to lack of a venue, summer events and many more issues, the June Organizational Meeting will not be held.  Martin and I will be at the Monday meetup at the Wayward Coffeehouse on the 7th and 14th and possibly the 21st if you need to speak to either of us.  Also feel free to email us or anyone else you may need to contact with questions or to work on things.  We apologize for the late notice.

If you need to get a hold of a specific dept head you can email them


Art Exhibition:
Chair of Steamcon:
Fashion Show Coordinator:
Games Coordinator:
General Questions:
Hotel Liaison:
Live Music Coordinator:
Programming Director:
Vendor Coordinator:
Volunteer Coordinator:

Tentative dates for the next meetings are July 11th, August  15th, September 12th, and October 3rd. Venue TBD.


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