Sunday, June 27, 2010

NWSFS Election Notice

From Greg Paddock, chair of elections committee this year....thanks Greg...and thanks to everyone to participated....the picnic was dry, but overcast and little cool....I don't think the squirt guns were taking out of the crate.....but fun was had by all. 
Michael Citrak

Elections were closed at 5 pm on Saturday the 19th.  There were 26 mailed ballots received before the picnic; 2 did not have any name or membership number on the envelope and were not counted.  21 ballots were handed in at the picnic (one I misplaced until after the counting, so the totals for the winners is 1 higher than announced at the time).  The count was:

Chair: 39 for Michael Citrak, 1 for None Of The Above, 1 for Zephod Beeblebrox, 3 for Doug Booze, and 1 for Eric Pawtowski.

Vice Chair: 41 for Jeanine Swanson, 1 for Slartibartfast, 1 for Lisa Woodings, 1 for Yvonne Pawtowski, and 1 for Katrina Marier.

Treasurer: 38 for Bill Boyde, 1 for Opus, 1 for None Of The Above, 1 for Arthur Dent, 1 for Daniel Pawtowski, 2 for Dick O'Shea, and 1 for Doug Booze.

Thanks to Peggy Larreau, Lisa Woodings, and Linda Deneroff for help counting.

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