Monday, February 15, 2010

Upcoming Spooky Doofus story and some sad news about Boxcar Astronaut.

Normally I do not post emails sent me or the blog, but today I received the following news from Spooky Doofus and Boxcar Astronaut artist Marc Lapierre and I feel I should share it with you:

Hey Jim,
I wanted to call your attention to a little storyline starting this Tuesday in Spooky Doofus. I do a heavy tribute from a fan's perspective to Star Trek: TNG. I think some of your readers might get a kick out of it.

Also, in some rather sad news, our Boxcar Astronaut site got hacked and infected with a bunch of malicious code forcing us to completely dismantle the site. Right now our domain name has been red flagged by Google as an attack site. As of now we have the archives online at but everything else has been scrubbed clean. We will be working on rebuilding the site later in the year. We are currently focusing our energies on getting a Boxcar book made. Hopefully (but no solid promises, yet) it'll be out by fall. Due to this hacking issue, I may be tough to reach at my email address.

Marc Lapierre

If you happed to access this page of the NWSFS News blog over the weekend you may have received a warning from your anti-virus and/or web security software.  This was due to the fact that there was a link to the Boxcar Astronaut site which has since been removed.  What is really sad is that this link was to the of really wonderful and touching final panel for Boxcar Astronaut.

It is really a shame that someone would trash a site like Boxcar Astronaut, and it is really sad is that the page is currently red flagged because of this.  Hopefully this situation will be straightened out, and the Boxcar Astronaut site will return, and the book will be released (I know I am getting one)

In the mean time please support Marc and his fine work by visiting the Spooky Doofus web comic.  It's a great strip and you may soon see news of it posted on a regular basis here.

Regards ~ Jim

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