Sunday, January 3, 2010

Westwind #276 is in the mail!

After a long hiatus the latest issue of Westwind, the official magazine of the Northwest Science Fiction Society, is out and in the mail.

Westwind #276 should reach most members by the end of this week.

This issue features news and articles of interest to NWSFS members and NW fen alike such as an interview of Rustycon Chair Sheila Pool, Elisabeth Knottingham's article "Jules Verne, or Steampunk, the Beta version", and "GeekGirlGamut: Star Trek vs. Star Wars" by Amanda Kay Meuwissen.

Along with these great articles comes the introduction of K. Van Brunt as the new Editor of Westwind.

NWSFS is proud of our little magazine, and we hope those who receive it will enjoy reading it.

Cheers! ~ Jim Cox

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