Saturday, November 1, 2008

Any good "eats" suggestions from Cascadia fandom?

As the line from the NWSFS MFR page says "Fen are not ashamed (or afraid!) to eat", and while I know my favorite places are to munch and crunch, I would also like to know where other fans like to eat. and not just in the Seattle area but all over the Cascadia region (WA, OR, ID, and BC).

Come on, there has got to be some favorite fan places out there that you would like to share with the rest of fandom!

I bet there's a great burger joint in Bellingham that you want to boast about? What about Pizza in Portland, or meatloaf in Moscow? And I know that there are some excellent food venues up in Vancouver and Victoria.

If you know of a great place for fans to eat, and would like to share with the rest of fandom then leave a comment to this entry. I'll approve it, really! You are always free to comment to this blog. Cheers! ~ Jim

(Yeah I know, the "Pizza in Portland, or meatloaf in Moscow" stuff is really corny. My writing is so-so, and that's all the more reason for other fans to contribute to this blog :)

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