Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zombie Walk News!

Here is some news from Seattle Zombie Walk for you to nibble on!

October 11th Sat.4pm till Midnight
Revenant Magazine Zombie Film Festival
at MOHAI in McCurdy Park

There are some great films lined up for this year. You can find more info and watch trailers at This year, there will be a spectacle of shambling costume oriented zombie activity focused close around the venue but no Zombie Walk. The area by the canal, field and surrounding brush and trees is a fabulous setting to try filming your own little scenes, stage some gory photographs, performance art etc. This is also a great place to park/show off the tricked out hearses, ambulances and grizzly vehicles I know some of you have. Please contact for help with executing your zombie shenanigans.

Oct 25th, Sat.10-11:30am
Thriller dance downtown!
(exact Location not yet established)

A Worldwide Simultaneous Dance of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER For World Record Attempt & Charity Fundraising in Seattle.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller music video which was released on December 2, 1983 and directed by John Landis. On Oct 25th Seattle Zombies and Zombies from 80 groups in 15 countries will gather to perform the Thriller dance at the exact same moment.


The Thriller dance is fun and easy to learn. It takes an hour to become familiar with the individual steps and another hour to put them together into the routine. The Thrill the World website has free online videos that teach the dance and Seattle Thrillers is hosting weekly local rehearsals in Seattle and on the Eastside.
In addition to building community and having a great time, Seattle Thrillers is using the project as an opportunity to raise money for ROOTS (Rising out of the Shadows) which is a homeless shelter for teens and young adults in the University District of Seattle.

Oct 26th 4:00pm
4th Annual Seattle Zombie Walk
West Seattle

Yea yeah, we like it in Fremont……but it’s become a parade. I like the idea of invading small town America. Where else has that feel in Seattle than California Ave in West Seattle. Let’s case down some fresh meat for our rotting bodies…..
Here is the rough plan…….We gather at the Rite Aid just south of the Alaska junction to amass the horde. There is a big parking lot there and lots of free residential parking all around that area. Plus the 55, 54, 21 and 22 buses go straight to the California Alaska junction. The 54 will drop folks off directly at the Rite Aid on California.

We could then shamble around the junction and Jefferson square which would be great places for a Zombie Marching Band to appear or maybe the hazmat suit guys want to come out again and attempt to keep the crowd “safe”.  Then we trek up California to the Admiral Junction which is about a mile away and end up at the toward the movie theater and try Zombie kareoke, bowling, riding the ferry to Vashon or just disperse.
From that point on Admiral Junction, the buses that go downtown are 56, 57 and 55.

More info TBA. (how to's, inspiration, planning)

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