Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pure Speculation in Edmonton

Pure Speculation Festival
October 18th-19th, 2008
Hazeldean Community Hall
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Pure Speculation Festival is Edmonton's one and only sci-fi and fantasy festival! Each year we bring Edmonton's geeks the very best of what they love the most. Panels, demonstrations, readings, games: we have it all!

Prices at the door are as follows:
Weekend Pass: $15.00
Saturday Pass:$10.00
Sunday Pass: $10.00
Costume Shindig only: $10.00

Robert J. Sawyer - Author Guest of Honour
Monte Cook - Gaming Guest of Honour
Herman Lau - Artist Guest of Honour
Diane Walton - Managing Editor, On Spec
Robin S. Carson - Editor, On Spec
Tracy Cooper-Posey - Writer
Barb Galler-Smith - Author
Thomas Wharton - Writer
Minister Faust - Author
Stephanie Chan - Broadsword Comics
Minister Faust - Author
Steven Sadowski - Marvel/DC
Dean Welsh - Marvel Comics
Alina Pete - Creator, Weregeek!
Brian Hades - Owner, EDGE Publishing
Jennifer Hepler - Writer, BioWare Corp
Ty Templeton - Artist/Writer
Steve Rolston - Artist, Queen & Country
Sharon Wildwind - Writer/Nurse
Susan MacGregor - Writer

First and foremost, Pure Speculation is a sci-fi and fantasy festival, run by geeks for geeks. We aren't a corporate entity taking advantage of geek chic to make a quick buck. We are as passionate about this hobby as you are, and our planning team runs the gamut of geekdom, from literature, film and art, to gaming and computers. So we know what you want to see, because hey: we want to see it too!

Our goal is to bring you the best events, guests, and shows we can, year after year. And that is really the key. We plan to be running this festival for a very long time, and we plan our yearly event with longevity in mind.

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