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Bulletins & Other News: Dec. 27, 2007

Are We Alone? - Star Trek Seth!
See Seth in a new communications role - on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise! Watch the first part of the Internet Star Trek movie
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men starring Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols - and Seth! - at:

Go to and follow the link to see more photos of Seth in costume.

New Episode available: "Science Detectives"

Some detectives don't look for fingerprints or interrogate suspects to unravel mysteries. Instead, they're dressed in white coats, and armed with DNA probes and star maps. These are the science detectives: researchers who have found innovative ways to use science to solve puzzles that no one else can.

Find out how a biologist helped international police pinpoint elephant poaching in Africa. Also, astronomers who can decipher when and where Vincent van Gogh painted his famous nighttime works by examining the position of the stars. And, how some archeologists and paleontologists willingly deal with some very old dung to learn secrets of the distant past.

* Samuel K. Wasser - Professor of conservation biology, University of Washington
* Jacob Berkowitz - Author of "Jurassic Poop"
* Russell L. Doescher - Physicist and astronomer, Texas State University
* James Oberg - Rocket scientist and media consultant

You can listen to the new episode at:

Guy G. -
Guy G ran across this site and thought it might be a great addition to the news blog:
From "SF Novelists is a new group blog by dozens of science fiction novelists, where they're talking about the work of being an sf writer -- the nitty gritty of writing, managing your career, and all the minutae of life in a very strange trade indeed. The contributor list is incredibly impressive, too."

Brandon Layng - Christmas Presents from 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine
"It's that time again, a new edition of 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine. I changed the release date for this month to bring it a little closer to Christmas since this is the Christmas Present Edition. December 23rd. Hop, crawl drag your trailing entrails over to:
and have a good read. Five stories and two poems this one will give you a good excuse for some downtime during the holidays.

  • Matthew Alan Pierce - "Under the Mistletoe"
  • Jane Timm Baxter - "The Gift"
  • Bryon D. Howell - "It Wasn't Mommy"
  • Benjamin Bussey - "Little White Lie"
  • Caroline Callaghan - "Brotherly Love"
  • Oonah V. Joslin - "The Last Gift"
  • April Keck - "Holiday Cheer?"
So stop by and get your presents. Don't forget to sign the guestbook to leave your comments on the stories and poems, the authors love to read them.
Happy Holidays Everyone! Brandon Layng, Editor 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine"

Derek Gunn - FEAR ZONE reviews Vampire Apocalypse
"Anyone who is interested in vampire literature and likes his or her fiction filled with action will enjoy this novel, and it is recommended." Read the full review at FEAR ZONE:

Pens On Fire - Lyrics or Songs wanted for Online Magazine
"We are looking for bands or individuals trying to get their sound out there. Please email Let me know if you have questions.
The web page address is: ~Samantha"

Fantasy Author - Hubert L. Mullins - Post-holiday website updates!
"Check out my Mystyria section guys! My friend Robert, a great artist, has been doing drawings for the 'gods' and you all need to head on over and check out his work. They aren't all complete, but you can see where we're going with this. Big thanks to Robert on this one and thanks to all of you! ~ Hubert"

Dusk Before the Dawn - Thinking Man's Guide to the End of the World
"It's now less that five years until the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the current age (December 21, 2012, give or take). In doing my part to help you prepare, I've accumulated this compendium/categorization of end of the world scenarios, including everything from pole shift, shooting ourselves in the foot and aliens building intergalactic super highways without warning us. Location, location, location. Enjoy and have a safe holiday! ~ Larry"

Scotopia Press
- Dark Distortions Up For Pre-Order
"This morning Dark Distortions I became available for pre-sale. We have a guaranteed shipment date of March 20th, 2008. Stop by for further details. Wish us luck! Oh, and tell your friends if they want one the highest quality, most varied anthologies of dark fiction that the market has to offer, that they should stop by and get their copy today! Thanks, Molly @ Scotopia Press."

Michael Laimo - Horror Author - New Message Board at Horror Mall
"Please stop by, check out the new horror superstor Horror Mall, and the nifty new message board they have set up for me. Make sure you register, and post a hello!"

***** - Star Trek: Of Gods And Men Part 1 Online Now
"To watch part one of STAR TREK: OF GODS AND MEN go to: and enter your email address."
Trailer available the profile. Also check out the website.

News worth reposting:
Jenna Black - Home Vampire Hunters Game--code word posted!
"If you'd like to hunt vampires from the safety and comfort of your own home, stop by my Fun Stuff page and play the Home Vampire Hunters Game.

Each week, I post a report of a "vampire attack." If you have a game card that matches the description of the attacker, you could be eligible to win the weekly prize. The more cards you collect, the better your chances of winning! And don't forget the grand prize, a $100 gift certificate that will be awarded on April 29--the release date for Hungers of the Heart, the fourth book in my Guardians of the Night series!

If you don't have any game cards yet, don't despair! Every Sunday, I post a code word on the Fun Stuff page. Send me an email with that code word, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of three electronic game cards. This week's code word is up on the website now, so go take a look!"

Tor Books - Releasing 1/2 from Tor Books
Here's what's releasing 01/02/2008:
New Podcast: Spider Robinson on Variable Star, Pt1
New podcast posted today: "Spider Robinson discusses writing Variable Star, Part 1" | | | Facebook Group |

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