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Bulletins & Other News: Dec. 04, 2007

Kelley Eskridge - Radio interview and new website
"Hello to all my myspace friends. I have an interview with the Public Radio International (PRI) program To The Best Of Our Knowledge airing this week on public radio stations around the US, and available in streaming audio on the program's website: http://wpr.org/webcasting/ideas_audioarchives.cfm?Code=bok

Look for Show 12/02B. My interview is the last of the show, starting at 38:30 and finishing at 52:00. The program topic is "Transgender Identity." I talk with interviewer Jim Fleming about my collection Dangerous Space, and the segment includes a brief reading. It's a fascinating show with interesting guests -- I hope you'll give it a listen and let me know what you think of the interview.

I've also completely re-designed my website (www.kelleyeskridge.com). The site includes a blog that is interactive -- look on the sidebar for a link called "Start a conversation," which anyone can use to send a question or start a conversation. I hope you'll visit me there. All best ~ Kelley"

Minnette - Starsight by Minnette Meador
"Just a quick reminder that there is a great promotion going on at WWW.STONEGARDEN.NET on Starsight (and other great books). If you order before December 7th you will receive a 5% discount or free shipping. Type in FIRSTORDER in coupon code when ordering as a new member or PREORDER if you are a returning member. Also, the first edition signed copies are going fast, so make sure you get over to WWW.STONEGARDEN.COM to get yours ordered today. The author will be sending out a personal gift with the first books ordered."

www.minnettemeador.com - www.stonegarden.net

Heather S. Ingemar - "Firedreams" featured in "The Heat of the Moment"!
"Heather S. Ingemar's short story, "Firedreams," will be featured in the print anthology "The Heat of the Moment" (Echelon Press LLC)

"Firedreams" tells of one woman's supernatural encounter when a truly 'hot' stranger answers her ad for a rented room. “The Heat of the Moment” was inspired by the heroes of the 2007 San Diego Wildfires

In a world filled with disasters and catastrophes, there always remains hope. In The Heat of the Moment, twenty-one authors came together with a showcase of short fiction. Committed to aiding those who lost so much in the blink of an eye, we proudly offer this tribute to the true heroes of the San Diego wildfires, the survivors. We invite you to wear your own red ribbon in honor of their extraordinary “Courage and Inspiration.”

Proceeds from the sale of this book will offer aid to those heroes through the support of the 'Fire Safe Council of San Diego County.'" On Sale December 15, 2007 Available thorugh Ingram’s, Echelon Direct, and Follett For more information, please visit: http://www.echelonpress.com/heat.htm

"I would like to invite you to check out my paranormal/suspense novel Blood Web now available at the links below"

Are We Alone? - "New episode tomorrow!"
A new episode entitled "Sputnik: 50 Years, One Month, Two Weeks Later" will be posted tomorrow, December 5, 2007
For more details, go to: http://radio.seti.org/

Dusk Before the Dawn - My book reviewed at Logical Misanthrop
"Ty over at Logical Misanthropy (great name!) gives a “mini-review” of Dusk Before the Dawn."

Lincoln Crisler, Author - Our Shadows Speak... Again!
Guidelines for two new anthologies posted at OurShadowsSpeak.LincolnCrisler.Com

Derek Gunn - Library of the Living Dead podcast presents........
"My novella, "The End of Things" continues on episode #35 of Library of the Living Dead, here's the link for anyone listening to it."

Farrago's Wainscot - The Oneiromantic Mosaic--The Conclusion!
"The stunning conclusion of Mark Teppo's hypertext serial novel, The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin is now live! Your hands and face: they will explode. Watch for an illuminating afterward in January."

Tor Books - Ten Great Gifts--Big Fat Books for Long Winter Nights
  • The Collected Stories of Greg Bear
  • Maps in a Mirror by Orson Scott Card
  • The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke
  • The Space Opera Renaissance edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer
  • N-Space by Larry Niven
  • Platinum Pohl by Frederik Pohl
  • Legends edited by Robert Silverberg
  • The American Fantasy Tradition edited by Brian M. Thomsen
  • The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge
  • Endangered Species by Gene Wolfe
"You can find the links to these books and more at the Tor November Newsletter Enjoy the rest of your day! ~ Tor Books"
www.tor-forge.com | www.myspace.com/torbooks | www.myspace.com/torteen | Facebook Group | http://twitter.com/torbooks

Lucy-S - Sparks and Shadows nominated for a Black Quill Award
"I found out a little while ago that my collection Sparks and Shadows has been nominated for a Black Quill Award. Cool.

In related news, Nanci Kalanta (the owner of HW Press) is running a fund-raiser to help out a terminally ill member of the Shocklines community. Like most small press owners, her funds are tied up in book stock right now, so she's donating 25% of the money from each sale of Sparks and Shadows and Laughing Boy's Shadow by Steven Savile. She's also including a free copy of my humor collection Installing Linux on a Dead Badger with each order.

So, if you've been wanting my entire library-to-date at a very good price, and you'd like to help contribute to a good cause at the same time, this is your chance."

Bret Jordan - POSSESSION, OBSESSION, and a DIESEL COMPRESSION ENGINE (Reposted from Gerard Brennan's LiveJournal site)
It's here! "Possession, Obsession and a Diesel Compression Engine" is officially released today. This chapbook contains six interlinked humorous horror short stories. mylefteye helped me whip them into shape and bret_jordan provided the cover illustration; so you know it's going to be a cracking wee collection.

Just to wet your whistle, here's the opening (and shortest) story from the collection. You should especially enjoy this one, Mr Murphy. If you enjoyed that, why not pick up a print copy here or a PDF copy here.

"'Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths' has hit the press, along with 'Graveside Tales'. A week or so ago Dale Murphy, President of Graveside Tales did an interview with wmiCentral. In the interview he tells about Fried!; how it started out, how the book was picked up from another publisher, and how the Big Boy franchise shot the second cover down because we used their mascot. He also talks about GST's goals and upcoming releases. He even mentions my buddys and ". You can check it out here or at this Graveside Tales blog.

Word Weavers - Features: Brian M. Tracy, Matthew A. Pierce, J. C. Darken
Hey all! Time for the new Weekly Features here at Word Weavers! Click the link below to check out these three great authors!
  • Week Long Featured Author ~ Brian Michael Tracy
  • Writing Excerpt ~ The Dark Curse of Whispers by Matthew Alan Pierce
  • Spotlight Trading Card ~ J. C. Darken
Head on over to the Word Weavers MySpace Page to see these features and more!
Word Weavers Anthologies | http://www.freewebs.com/weaversofwords | http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaversofWords/

Fantasy Author - Hubert L. Mullins - Mystyrian Lore makes a comeback!
"Hey guys, you might remember this from back before Rage of the Vampire was released, but if not, I'll explain below. This is nothing new, but it's been so long since I've posted these, I'm sure everyone has forgotten most of them! And here is what Mystyrian Lore is all about:

Once a week, I will be updating my MyApace blog with a little excerpt of things from my fictional world of Mystyria. These range greatly from locations and magic, to characters and items. I even have bits of folklore, mythology, and historical battles. So, add me and check it out every Monday!"

Poll on my myspace!
"I also have an artwork poll. Dad is about to start new material for the next book and while this one won't be for the cover, it'll appear on the website and t-shirts. So go vote and let me know what you'd like to see! ~ Hubert / HubertLMullins.com"

Bailey Hunter - Dark Recesses Press nominated for a Black Quill Award
Black Quill Award Nominees - Best Dark Genre Short Fiction Magazine
"If you click the link above you will see under the category of Best Dark Genre Short Fiction Magazine, my little venture called Dark Recesses Press. I've just found out and I am taken aback. It's a readers poll for voting, but I didn't even know DRP was submitted for consideration - so it was totally unexpected. You have to register (for free) to cast your vote on the many categories available (info on how to do that at the bottom of their page).

I'm immensely proud of everyone at Dark Recesses Press right now - on both sides of the page. We wouldn't be anywhere without the wonderful people working behind the scenes or the authors and artists that fill its pages. Tonight I am filled with a humbling honour for all those who have been a part of Dark Recesses Press. Thank you so very much ~ Bailey" http://www.darkrecesses.com/

Clarkesworld Magazine / Wyrm Publishing - December issue of Clarkesworld Magazine
The December issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available online. Samantha Henderson, Loreen Heneghan and Lisa Mantchev provide three stories, Jason R. Ridler explains the connections between professional wrestling and fantasy, and Jeff VanderMeer interviews Steven Erikson. This month's art is "Sunken City" by Michael Brack. www.clarkesworldmagazine.com

News worth reposting:
The Smoking Poet - Happy Holidays from The Smoking Poet
"Coming soon: our one-year anniversary issue, Winter 2007-08, live in mid-December! Happy Holidays from The Smoking Poet!"

Planet Pride - Keep Track of New Worlds: PlanetQuest 2.0
More than 260 planets have already been discovered orbiting other stars, and new ones are found almost every month. Having trouble keeping track? Help is on the way. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., has revamped its award-winning PlanetQuest website with improved tools to help users stay on top of the latest discoveries, at: http://planetquest.jpl.nasa.gov (You can read more at this blog entry. Original source: JPL)

Michael G. Munz - A Shadow in the Flames now available
"A Shadow in the Flames, the debut sci-fi thriller from Michael G. Munz, is now available. See the author's website, www.michaelgmunz.com, for more information about the book and how to order."

Kealan Patrick Burke - "Peekers" Screening Tonight/Dread Central Article
Here's some great news about the film adaptation of "Peekers" based on my short story and directed by Mark Steensland. From the article at Dread Central:
"This Thursday the 29th of November, the Eerie Horror Film Festival will proudly unveil Peekers by presenting Mark Steensland’s Eerie Erie Short Films. The event will take place at the Penn State Erie campus Research and Economic Development Center, and will begin at 7:30 with screenings of Mark’s previous horror shorts Sucker, Lovecraft’s Pillow (review), and Dead @ 17. The featured premiere of the short film Peekers will be at 8:15, and will be followed by a Q&A." Read the full article here. ~ Kealan

Plague - Calling All the Faithful
The last part of chapter 10 for Plague is posted at: http://www.plague.gravesidetales.com

"This will finish up the first part of Plague, and is also a good time for me to pause the story for a few weeks while I take care of the holidays and try to get a little ahead again on the story. I will have the drawing this evening for The Little Job in Arkham print and announce it as soon as I get a name."
You can see the print at: http://www.myspace.com/plague_novel

"The next drawing, for the 11x17 print "A Little Job in Arkham", is coming up at the end of this chapter and , so if you have a friend who would like a chance to win the print make sure and let them know that they have to join the Plague group to be eligable for the drawing. You can see the print at: http://www.myspace.com/plague_novel Thanks again for reading! ~ Bret"

Graveside Tales - GST Holiday Giveaway
Graveside Tales will be hosting it's first annual 12 days before Christmas Giveaway for our forum members. We are currently seeking book donations. This is a perfect way to pick up new readers. If you are an author who would like to donate a book or 2 please send me a myspace message. Thank you for your continued support ~ Graveside Tales

Preorder Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths and receive FREE S&H
FRIED! FAST FOOD, SLOW DEATHS edited by Colleen Morris & Joel A. Sutherland $14.95. Click here for FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING.

Brought to you by: http://www.gravesidetales.com

Donna Barr - AFTERDEAD 1.2: The Desert Peach Crosses Over
"The Desert Peach, back in a "real" world thousands of years after his first death, is asked to accompany the half-horse officer Stinz, who has been chosen for the high honor of breeding for the Reich -- and is terrified. The Peach finally learns why 'Nobody cares if you're gay.'" http://gaycomicslist.free.fr/

Now available at LuLu.com: http://www.lulu.com/content/1190915 and for more information go to: www.donnabarr.com

Payseur & Schmidt - P&S Holiday Book Sale!
"From Now to Monday, December 10th, we're reducing prices on almost everything that we still have in stock. Now's your chance to get yourself or a loved one a copy of Nicola Griffith's amazing memoir, John Clute's horror lexicon, or any one of our other literary and wearable gems."

Check out the sale at www.payseurandschmidt.com

Chaos and Reunion - Last book posted in entirety: Sideyot Speaks!
"After you read it, send me your review and permission to quote you and I'll send you a free copy of the PDF version! Send your review to
rsoborn at toad dot net. (Obviously, you will have to use the @ and the .) Use the subject "Chaos and Reunion." I'd really like to hear from you ~ Roberta"

Samantha - FW: Short Story Challenge 2008 -Check this out
"Writers compete to see who can produce the best short story (2,500 words max.) on an assigned genre and subject in one week. Winners advance to compete for over $4,000 in cash and prizes by writing a short story in just 24 hours. The Early Entry Deadline is December 6, 2007. Space is limited, so register today! To register or learn more, visit www.nycmidnight.com and use the discount code STORYTIME for $5 off the entry fee."

Djibril - The Future Fire/Black Swan writing competition ~ $500 prize
"In association with Black Swan we are offering an exciting creative writing competition. Write a short story based on the evocative and bizarre surroundings of Black Swan, and the best entry submitted by the closing date will win the first prize of (USD) $500, and be published in The Future Fire and in Second Life by Black Swan." (Enter Second Life and visit the following SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Black%20Swan/245/120/39/ )
Submissions must be made no later than midnight (GMT) on December 10th, 2007. See http://futurefire.net/competition/ or this blog entry from Djibril for more details.

"Submissions for Darkened Horizons Issue 3 will be extended until 12/14/07 or until the anthology is filled.
Feel free to send any dark fantasy or science fiction that you have. I have received quite a few emails asking me if I accept materials other than horror and I want to take this moment to say Yes, I do. The stories needn't be over the top, either. I have very eclectic tastes, (see Issue 1 and 2). Horror is not for everyone, Darkened Horizons IS. Thank you ~ JMB"

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