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Bulletins & Other News: Nov. 18, 2007

Steven Brust - A scattershot thank you
The fan community is rallying behind author Steven Brust as he deals an ongoing medical issue. If you have a moment, please take a look at his MySpace blog or his journal on LiveJournal. I originally came across the news regarding Steven Brust from this Norwescon LiveJournal entry: Public Service Announcement Many thanks to the author of that posting. ~ Jim Cox / NWSFS on MySpace

Book Trailers from COS Productions - Will new technology narrow book choices?
"Technology is a great and powerful thing. But, are we all jumping on to the newest trends without a look toward the future? Will behavioral marketing and tracking user preferences create the Big Brother we've always feared? Or will it help sell more books? Will those books include YOURS? Are choices going to be made for readers? Find out more in our newest blog!"

Tom Tancin - 2008 Book Release Schedule
"Now in my blog, my 2008 Book Release Schedule. I have 2 books hitting the market next year. In June, my wonderfully reviewed novel "Perfection" will be re-released. In November, Detective Lindsey Scott will return in "Watched". Head over to my blog to read the summaries and see the covers! I love the covers and the previews! And as always, let me know what you think! Do you like the summaries and covers? Which one are you more exicted about? Let's discuss.
The Man in the Moon should be available on Amazon very soon after Thanksgiving. I'll send a bulletin when it is. ~ Tom"

Suspenseful Friendship Fiction by Dusk Peterson - Bard of Pain" links fixed + new chapter online
"In one of those "How could I have done that?" moments, I discovered that, last week, I accidentally uploaded an earlier version of the Bard of Pain index that didn't have links to most of the e-book editions. My apologies to any of you who may have been frustrated in your quest for a particular edition; the links are fixed now. Chapter Two of the online serialization is also online; just click on the link above and scroll down."

Chaos and Reunion - Last book posted in entirety: Sideyot Speaks!
"After you read it, send me your review and permission to quote you and I'll send you a free copy of the PDF version! Send your review to
rsoborn at toad dot net. (Obviously, you will have to use the @ and the .) Use the subject "Chaos and Reunion." I'd really like to hear from you ~ Roberta"

Dark Horse Comics - Shannon Wheeler signing at Powell's on Hawthorne 11/29
"Shannon Wheeler signs his new book Screw Heaven, When I Die I'm Going to Mars. Go to Powell's on Hawthorne and say hello on Thursday, November 29th @ 7:30 PM. For longer than a decade, Shannon Wheeler's flagship character Too Much Coffee Man has cast his tender, cynical gaze on lots of stuff that deserves to be made fun of, from the insipidity of coffee consumer culture to the horrendous reality of dating. Wheeler's latest collection of short cartoons, Screw Heaven, When I Die I'm Going to Mars (Dark Horse), steps back from the cartoonist's usual scrutiny of mundane pettiness and takes a look at life's bigger issues. The result is "frequently sweet, entertaining, smart" (The Onion)."

Blade of the Immortal Essay Contest

"We've drummed up a great essay contest with some sweet prizes--all you have to do is tell us how the popular manga series Blade of the Immortal has affected YOU. Tell us your story. Who's your favorite character and why? How has studying Hiroaki Samura's techniques changed your own work? In short: tell us how Blade of the Immortal has made an impression on you in 400 words or less. The top four selected essay winners will receive our grand prize--complete trade sets of Blade of the Immortal (Vol. 1 - 17). So read the fine print, put on your thinking caps, and have fun writing. Good luck! " Click HERE to enter!

Plague - Shannai's Story
The first part of chapter 10 is posted at:

Kevin Lucia - First Poems Ever Accepted for Publication!
"Hey folks - my first ever poems were accepted for publication with a new webzine called Bohemian Alien."

2008 Coach's Midnight Diner Opens for Submissions
"Coach's Midnight Diner: Second Edition, (not the official title), is opening for submissions November 15th, and will be released around October 2008. See blog for more details."

News worth reposting:
The Edge of Propinquity - Volume 23: November, 2007
The Edge of Propinquity is a series of short stories from four different authors in four different universes exploring the world that lurks just beneath the surface of everyday life. It is the world of the unexplained, supernatural, magic, horror, duty, responsibility, black humor, conspiracy, unknown heritage and power. This webzine is updated on the 15th of every month.

You can look over the Edge at:

Epic Universe - Epic Continues to Rise
Lee Stephen's Epic series has become the new best-selling independently-published sci-fi series on Amazon. "It's a fantastic feeling," said Stephen. "This has been an inspired effort since day one, and it's great to see such positive results." Read more in the latest Epic Universe blog.

Authors of Myspace - Arctic Wolf Publishing is Accepting Book, Graphic Novel Subs
"Just wanted to let you know that there is a new publishing company that is trying to give beginning authors a chance. This is a real traditional publisher... no fees... just a reasonable contract. They like graphic novels, but will accept traditional MS's as well." |

The Spiderwick Chronicles - All new THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES website launched!
Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies present The Spiderwick Chronicles brand new website,

13Human Souls - November 13th Edition of 13Human Soul
You can find it here:

Jon Armstrong - The Free Book Podcast of Grey is Complete
"The Free Podcast of Grey, my sci-fi novel, published by NightShade Books last Feb, is complete. Get it at Jon or subscribe at iTunes or Podiobooks. Enjoy ~ Jon"

Gary Starta - Murder By Association - crime novella now available
See it at
And check out "Blood Web" available now at amazon:

Graveside Tales - Preorder Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths and receive FREE S&H
FRIED! FAST FOOD, SLOW DEATHS edited by Colleen Morris & Joel A. Sutherland $14.95. Click here for FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING.

Brought to you by:

The Pacific Northwest's - HAUNT FANS, register your free profile ASAP
"Visit and register your username while it's still available. Simply click "Register" on the left and complete the short form. Once you're done, add pictures from your 2007 haunt to your profile. Our community would love to see 'em! Feel free to share your prop building secrets and share other industry knowledge in our message boards. We look forward to meeting you!"

Nick Lyons - New Book Press Release
"Press release for FIREBREATHING FANTASY TRIVIA ~ Flame On!"

"Newington, CT. – Fantasy fans will soon have a new way to test their knowledge with the new release from Ladder Press, Firebreathing Fantasy Trivia.
Inside these pages, readers will find hundreds of trivia, clue, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple choice questions. In addition, there are drawing and acting games for two or more players. From Potter, Pirates, and Princesses to Muppets, Magic, and Monty Python, this trivia book contains questions from timeless Fantasy film and television classics to new favorites."

FIRBREATHING FANTASY TRIVIA is available at Nick's first book ATTACK OF THE SCI-FI TRIVIA is also available at Amazon.

Matt Browne - Press release of new sci-fi novel - The Future Happens Twice
New science fiction writer Matt Browne explores the ramifications of identical twins born years apart in THE FUTURE HAPPENS TWICE (Book 1 in the trilogy: THE PERENNIAL PROJECT, ISBN: 978-1844018307, Published by Athena Press, London)

"For decades scientists have dreamed of sending deep-frozen humans on interstellar missions. But until this dream comes true, they must settle for a much simpler technique available: the freezing of human embryos. However, long distance space travel of this nature poses other challenges, none more so than the management of artificial pregnancies and how to raise the children produced."

Find out more at: and

Jordan M. Bobe - The Retreat:
The Retreat Coming 12/17/07 to all Major bookstores and or available now directly from the publisher:
For more information, go to the "The Retreat" FAQ.

Writer's Market UK - Short Story Competition:
WritersReign are running a new short story competition with the theme of ‘Make Mine Music!’. Writers are asked to submit stories of between 1,000 and 1,500 words in which music in one form or another plays a significant role in the plot. Complete details are at:

View the latest news and writing competitions at

Djibril - The Future Fire/Black Swan writing competition ~ $500 prize:
"In association with Black Swan we are offering an exciting creative writing competition. Write a short story based on the evocative and bizarre surroundings of Black Swan, and the best entry submitted by the closing date will win the first prize of (USD) $500, and be published in The Future Fire and in Second Life by Black Swan." (Enter Second Life and visit the following SLURL: )
Submissions must be made no later than midnight (GMT) on December 10th, 2007. See for more details

The Smoking Poet - The Smoking Poet: Call for Submissions - Winter 2007-08:
For full submission guidelines and contact information, visit:

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