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Bulletins & Other News: Nov. 13, 2007

Karina L. Fabian's Fab Chat - November 15: Helena Lehman
This Thursday meet Helena Lehman, whose books and essays explore the biblical allegorical language that is found in the prophetic imagery of the Bible. http://pillar-of-enoch.com

Fab Chat is a weekly live chat for writers and readers of all interests, and persuasions and takes place every Thrus from 9-11 PM EST, so go to http://karinafabian.tripod.com/id15.html and click on FabChat. Come learn more about authors: how and why they write, what it takes to publish and their many wonderful works of imagination.

The Pyromantics - The WINNER of The Pyromantics Halloween Tale 2007
"First of all I'd like to say a big thankyou to everyone for making the competition a success. We had a much bigger response that we expected, and it's awesome so thank you. Now we actually realize how many ace writers we have in our group and feel very priviledged. BIG SCARY THANKYOU to one and all. If you haven't already please check out and read the winning entry 'The Observations of Doctor Briant' by K.C.T. Webber and leave Kenneth some comments. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Also, don't forget we've got tons of other great stories to be read! ~ Cat"

Tor Books - 11/13 Releases from Tor Books
Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook
Confessor by Terry Goodkind
Eifelheim by Michael Flynn
Futures from Nature by Henry Gee
Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe
Voices From the Street by Philip K. Dick
Click here for all Tor/Forge releases.
Enjoy the rest of your day! ~ Tor Books
www.tor-forge.com | www.myspace.com/torbooks | www.myspace.com/torteen | Facebook Group | http://twitter.com/torbooks

Eric Powell (The Goon) will be signing at Bridge City Comics on Friday, November 16 from 6 pm - 9 pm.
On Saturday, November 17, Rick Remender (Fear Agent) and Adam Gallardo (Gear School) will be signing at Cosmic Monkey Comics from 1 - 3 pm.

Also - DRIFTWOOD DVD ON SALE TODAY (Nov. 13, 2007)
Check out this past blog entry for more details.

Geralyn Beauchamp - WOWZERS! A WEBSITE!
"Mine to be exact. At long last, my very own! (that would be said in my best Daffy Duck) (minus the spittle) Ahhhhhhhh it is great to have someplace to send folks. Have you shared your website with your myspace friends? Go check out my blog to see what else I think about websites! Or, you can just go check out the website. I like things simple and my designer came up with just that ~ Geralyn" www.geralynbeauchamp.com

Yasmine Galenorn - B. Ella Donna guest blogging at the Witchy Chicks
"Please feel free to drop over to the Witchy Chicks Blog where we have B. Ella Donna guest blogging through tomorrow. Ella writes paranormal fiction, is a practicing astrologer, a Reiki practitioner and a High Priestess in the Craft ~ Yasmine Galenorn"

Plague - Plague: Training Yard
The third part of chapter 9 is posted at: http://www.plague.gravesidetales.com

Graveside Tales - Preorder Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths and receive FREE S&H
FRIED! FAST FOOD, SLOW DEATHS edited by Colleen Morris & Joel A. Sutherland $14.95. Click here for FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING.

Jennings Grove - And now a brief interlude... Latest posting is at: http://www.jenningsgrove.gravesidetales.com/

Brought to you by: http://www.gravesidetales.com

Brandon Layng - November 13th Edition of 13Human Soul
You can find it here: http://www.geocities.com/thirteenhumansouls/

Steve Anderson Design - Number Six
New Six artwork in his profile for all Battlestar Galactica watchers.

Gary Starta - Blood Web available at Fictionwise.com
Blood Web - a paranormal thriller - is now available at Fictionwise.com: http://fictionwise.com/servlet/mwsearch

The Pacific Northwest's HauntedNight.com - HAUNT FANS, register your free profile ASAP
"Visit HauntedNight.com and register your username while it's still available. Simply click "Register" on the left and complete the short form. Once you're done, add pictures from your 2007 haunt to your profile. Our community would love to see 'em! Feel free to share your prop building secrets and share other industry knowledge in our message boards. We look forward to meeting you!"

Word Weavers - Features: Dani Clifton, Jane Timm Baxter, William Couper
"Hey all! Time for the new Four Day Features here at Word Weavers! Click the link below to check out these three great authors!
Four Day Featured Author ~ Dani Clifton, Writing Excerpt ~ Jane Timm Baxter , Spotlight Trading Card ~ William Couper
Head on over to Word Weavers MySpace Page to see these features and more! Thanks ~ Jenna, Mel, Dave and Cassie"
Word Weavers Anthologies | http://www.freewebs.com/weaversofwords | http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaversofWords/

News worth reposting:
Nick Lyons - New Book Press Release
"Press release for FIREBREATHING FANTASY TRIVIA ~ Flame On!"

"Newington, CT. – Fantasy fans will soon have a new way to test their knowledge with the new release from Ladder Press, Firebreathing Fantasy Trivia.
Inside these pages, readers will find hundreds of trivia, clue, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple choice questions. In addition, there are drawing and acting games for two or more players. From Potter, Pirates, and Princesses to Muppets, Magic, and Monty Python, this trivia book contains questions from timeless Fantasy film and television classics to new favorites."

FIRBREATHING FANTASY TRIVIA is available at Amazon.com. Nick's first book ATTACK OF THE SCI-FI TRIVIA is also available at Amazon.

Are We Alone? - Next show available November 12, 2007 - "Skeptical Sunday: Risky Business"
"Find out why we worry about all the wrong things and don't fret enough about things that really are a threat, as we examine the science - and psychology - of risk." Featured guests:

More details can be found at: http://radio.seti.org/next-show.php Give it a listen: http://radio.seti.org/

Kevin Lucia - 2008 Coach's Midnight Diner Opens for Submissions
"Hey folks, Coach's Midnight Diner: Second Edition, (not the official title), is opening for submissions November 15th, and will be released around October 2008. See blog for more details."

Fantasy Scribbler (aka Robert Marston Fanney) - First Draft of Luthiel's Song "The War of Mists" cover art
Take a look at the beautiful art by Marek Orem: http://www.luthielssong.com/blog/photos/album/war-of-mists-cover-art/

Willie Meikle - Sneak Preview of my new book cover
The artwork for the cover of "The Sirens" has just been completed. Have a sneak preview at http://www.williammeikle.com/sirenscover.jpg
"The Sirens" will be released soon from Black Death Books, and be sure to take a look at Willie's homepage for more details.

Clarkesworld Magazine / Wyrm Publishing - November Clarkesworld with Ken Scholes and Rebecca Ore
The November issue of Clarkesworld Magazine features fiction by Ken Scholes and Rebecca Ore, non-fiction by Jeff Vandermeer, and Tobias Buckell's interview with Sean Williams.

Margaret Weis - Dragons of Autumn Twilight Movie Release Date
"We have a release date! And the cover of the DVD! See both at the website: www.dragonlance-movie.com ~ Margaret"

Djibril - The Future Fire/Black Swan writing competition ~ $500 prize:
"In association with Black Swan we are offering an exciting creative writing competition. Write a short story based on the evocative and bizarre surroundings of Black Swan, and the best entry submitted by the closing date will win the first prize of (USD) $500, and be published in The Future Fire and in Second Life by Black Swan." (Enter Second Life and visit the following SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Black%20Swan/245/120/39/ )
Submissions must be made no later than midnight (GMT) on December 10th, 2007. See http://futurefire.net/competition/ for more details

The Smoking Poet - The Smoking Poet: Call for Submissions - Winter 2007-08:
For full submission guidelines and contact information, visit: http://thesmokingpoet.tripod.com/

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