Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sneak Preview: Repo Men

Re-posted on behalf of Shawn Marier - NWSFS Vice Char

NWSFS has passes to see the new movie Repo Men on March 16th in downtown Seattle.

Repo Men is based on one of this year's P.K. Dick Nominees (Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia). 

The movie is at the Meridian 16 (1501 7th Ave Seattle) and starts at 7pm.  Based on previous sneak previews I HIGHLY suggest you get there no later than 5:30pm if you wish to get in, as lines tend to start 2 hours before show time.  

I have a limited number of tickets and will be handing the tickets out at the theater to those who RSVP, or I can snail mail it to you.  Each pass is good for 2 people, so if you are going to go by yourself let me know, so I can match you up with someone else so we can get as many of us in it as possible.

Please RSVP to

Shawn Marier
NWSFS Vice Chair
Norwescon 33 Personnel Director

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