Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boxcar Astronaut for 11/29/09

Boxcar Astronaut

Boxcar Astronaut #142: Where Does the Sun Go?
Greetings, Fellow Astronauts! This week, the boys attempt to solve one of the great mysteries of the cosmos: Where does the sun go when it goes down at night? Children around the world have been wondering that since time immemorial, and Ben has an elaborate theory as to the truth! What is that theory? Is it even plausible? Will Devin have to resort to actual scientific research to get to the real solution to this quandary? Find out all the answers in an All New Boxcar Astronaut!

Also, page 2 of Marc Lapierre's SuperFogeys Origins story goes up on Tuesday at And be sure to check out, and Clockworks: A Steampunk Adventure too.

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