Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boxcar Astronaut for 10/04/09

Boxcar Astronaut

Boxcar Astronaut #134: Are you ready for some football?
Greetings, Fellow Astronauts... or should I say Quarterbacks? Strange things are afoot in the backyard ever since Ben fell out of the tree and bumped his head. With his memory gone, Ben's mind has begun to forge a new persona. Gone, it seems, are the whimsical days of imaginary spaceships, toy blasters, and plastic space helmets. Now Ben's attentions have turned to touchdowns, field goals, and padded football helmets. Is this the end of life as we know it in the backyard? Can Devin find away to get Ben's memories back? Will we have to change the name of this strip to Box Score Quarterback?! Find out all the answers in the weeks to come in Boxcar Astronaut!

PS: Boxcar Astronaut artist Marc Lapierre will launching a new webcomic on Monday called Spooky Doofus. It can be found at It's a comedy that takes place in a world populated by all sorts of classic monsters like werewolves, ghosts, vampires, fishmen, etc. They all live everyday lives like us mortals. They hold down jobs, go on dates, hang out with friends, and all that fun stuff. For this week Marc will be posting new strips Monday through Friday, then after that the comic will be on a Tuesday and Thursday schedule.

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