Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boxcar Astronaut for 03/22/09

Boxcar Astronaut

Boxcar Astronaut - Boxcar Astronaut #106: Spacestation One is a go!
Greetings, Fellow Astronauts! Well the Boxcar Astronaut crew hasn't posted their usual Sunday release notice, so I snagged the following from the site:

"TA-DAAAA!!!! Now that’s a treehouse! Just look at it…what a thing of beauty! It has it all: Twin Ion cannons, long-range sensor dish, and check out that high-tech, state-of-the-art “Comyunicater”! Ben has hatched some crazy plans in his day, but this one looks like a complete success, one that gives the boys a whole new setting for future adventures. Kudos once again to Marc for bringing the tree house into life. That last panel is truly beautiful…”Spacestation One” is the stuff of boyhood dreams. Hope you enjoyed this storyline everyone!"

Check out the latest Boxcar Astronaut to find out what's going on at Spacestation One.

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