Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News of Jeff Carlson's short story "Long Eyes"

The good folks at Starship Sofa ( have just released a free podcast of Jeff Carlson's short story "Long Eyes," narrated by the cool, poised British voice of Amy Sturgis. "Long Eyes" was originally published in the FAST FORWARD 2 anthology, which is currently shortlisted for the Philip K. Dick Award.

Interestingly, Carlson is also on the PKD shortlist for his latest novel, PLAGUE WAR. He will also be part of the programming at Norwescon in Seattle this April. Readers can find free fiction, videos, blog, and a mind-croggling sci fi trivia contest at Carlson's web site at

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Shel Graves said...

Great to hear this and to know Jeff Carlson will be at Norwescon. I also loved Jetse de Vries fact article Blinded by the Light, part 2 (#57, part 1) about culling sf slush for his SHINE anthology (optimistic sf). Learn how to make whiskey and write sf simultaneously — brilliantly odd. I also checked out Sturgis' science fiction history segment in #58, an overview of early feminist utopias including Mizora, New Amazonia, Arctique and Herland. Great listening!