Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Save Our S00j!" on LiveJournal.

A new blog is up over on LiveJournal called "Save Our S00j!" that I think a lot of fen will be interested in.

This quote from the blog can describe the purpose of the blog much better than I can:

"s00j, a touring musician with no health insurance, recently ended up in the hospital for nearly a week, and was released on Christmas Eve to await test results and more tests. At this time, we still do not have a solid diagnosis. We've gone through all the scheduled tests, and now await a consultaion with the primary doctor. Need for imminent surgery has not yet been ruled out, but it's looking significantly less likely. Still, most hospitals charge thousands of dollars per day for inpatient hospital stays and, if it's necessary, we may be looking at a bill for tens of thousands of dollars more for surgery."

Take a look at the blog. Hopefully fandom can help her out.

Also take a look at s00j's (
aka S.J. Tucker) own blog "spaces between notes"

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