Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Panel list for this weekend's C-Cubed

Here is a list panel ideas for this years C-Cuded (Times and panelists TBD)

1. How To Handle Hotel Problems: Norwescon had a major problem this year with their hotel and the parties. Come hear their Hotel Liaison speak about working with both sides and how the issue was resolved.

2. Outreach: Attendees: Many attendees return year after year; but some do not. How do you reach out and attract a new audience while maintaining traditions your core audience loves?

3. Outreach: Volunteers: No convention can ever have enough of them. How do you contact them both before and during a convention? Entice them to help out? – and return to help again next year?

4. How to Plan Your First Convention: How not to reinvent the wheel. Timelines, budgets, planning committees. What planning tools are out there and how do they work? And how does planning for a large convention differ than that for a small one.

4. The Generation Gap: Fandom has evolved since its origins. There are tools unavailable 30 years ago that are now key to convention planning. But is new technology always the answer? What can the “old guard” bring to the table? And what can the young mavericks bring to the table? And how can we get them to talk with one another? (Emphasis on internet, blogs, communication, and other technology.)

6. Communications – the Spoken Word: What do you really mean? And did the recipient take it the way you meant it? Tips and tools for speaking well in front of large groups.

7. Communications – the Written Word: Email flame wars. Program Book snafu’s. The importance of being able to write effectively to represent your convention well. (Possible topics include both public writing such as press releases as well as private like departmental emails.)

8. How to Take Effective Meeting Notes: Part of the duties of an incorporated entity is to have notes from all their business meetings. Often this is presented to the bank as proof of the incorporated entity’s existence. How do you take effective notes? What tools are available other than a megaphone?

9. How to Identify “Burnout” – Is It Necessary?: Why do some fen gaffiate and others remain fen for life? How to help your committee and your friends maintain their sanity.

10 Hotel Contracts They are A-Changin’: Parties, kids, food, decorating, signage – all of these innocuous topics have lost conventions their insurance. Why is this happening?

11 Insurance – a Necessary Evil: Where to get it, how much you need and why you need it.

12 How Hospitalities are Changing: Insurance problems. Food handling laws and permits. Increasing food sensitivities and allergies. Rising food costs. How can you welcome your fen and not lose your sanity when dealing with these issues?

13 The Next Convention: Your convention is over for this year. How do you avoid the “summer slump,” and stay psyched to start planning the next one?

14 Open Forum Discussion: The audience can ask a panel of con runners any questions they want to ask about convention running. This will be filmed by Jim Granger.

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