Sunday, September 30, 2007

Other News: Sept. 30, 2007

Minnette - Starlight available for pre-order:
Starsight by Minnette Meador being released for pre-order Oct 1st from This exciting new book has been reviewed by Piers Anthony who says "...this is one powerful and imaginative fantasy adventure novel, with many nice touches." and Spider Robinson who says "...Meador also knows the unfakeable secret of keeping even newcomers turning the pages: care about your characters so much it becomes infectious. This is a Typhoid Mary of a book, from a writer to watch." Check out Meador's blog for details.

Jenny - Enter our free monthly contest:
We will be announcing September’s winner of the Writers Choice Awards, very soon. If you would like to take part in this free, monthly contest, keep reading.

Winner’s will:
• Be published in the Choice Award Anthology.
• Have the award icon on permanent display on their Sky-Tribe profile.
• Be entered into the Editor’s Choice Awards with a cash prize of $500.

How to participate
• Sign up to Sky-Tribe - signing up is free and will give you a dynamic web base to promote your writing. Our features have been designed to help you get published.
• Upload one or more stories (also Free and takes just one minute) making sure the story is uploaded as public.
• The most effective way of getting your work noticed, is to read other member’s uploads and post insightful comments.

The Choice Awards are highly sought after, so you’ll want to stand out of the crowd. Good luck! ~ Sky-Tribe

Dark Horse Comics
- Dark Horse sponsors HP Lovecraft Film Fest in Portland!:
As part of Dark Horse's commitment to keep the horror genre alive and twitching in comics and other dark corners of the world, we are proud to sponsor Portland's annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival October 5th, 6th & 7th which will be taking place at the Hollywood Theatre. This homegrown annual festival has gained international attention in recent years and draws fans and special guests from all corners of the world. This year's guest of honor is legendary comics artist Bernie Wrightson, who recently completed the first arc of City of Others with writer Steve Niles. Dark Horse horror editors Scott Allie and Shawna Gore will also be in attendance and conducting a panel discussion with Wrightson and writer Hans Rodinoff on Saturday afternoon.

For more information about the festival, go to:

Dark Horse Comics Presents: The Chinatown Interviews
The Chinatown Interviews - A five part documentary series exploring a man's obsessions... and blog stuff up. Coming next week. Keep your eye bills peeled, folks.

Word Weavers - Don't forget...: join our new e-mail group! It will be a great way to get the word out to more than just MySpace users about your new release or interview or whatever!
Join us at :
~ Jenna, Dave, Cassie & Mel

We want to pay you!:
We have two new blogs up. Please come by and check them out, let's discuss some options in making WW a paying market for writers! ~ Jenna, Dave, Cassie & Mel

Graveside Tales - Jennings Grove by Jeff Parish - "Chapter 5 Hard at Work, Part 1" (s/b - Chapter 5: Hard at Work, Part II)
To read the chapter, please visit:

Plague by Bret Jordan - "Chapter 5b: Madame Rachelle"
Catch the Plague at:

Brought to you by:

Bret Jordan - The Undead: Flesh Feast:
Bret posted a great bulletin regarding the release of "The Undead: Flesh Feast" that was a little too long to fit in tonight's blog, but here's the URL for the book's publisher - Permuted Press: Take a look if you are interested and remember that shipping is free if you buy two books directely from Permuted Press.

Sylvia Engdahl, SF author & space advocate - Abuse of the Mentally Ill:

StoneGarden Publishing - Not so secret MySpace sale on!:
It's a secret MySpace sale on! Don't be shy, spread the word and get 40% off your next purchase at Just use the coupon code "myspace" (without the quotes) at checkout. Remember, for every sale on the site, $1 goes towards inner city baseball programs here in the Bay Area. The sale will continue until the 19th of October

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